You Can Stay in This Lisa Frank Hotel Room, Where the '90s Nostalgia Runneth Over

Did you ever want to wallpaper your room with top-to-bottom Lisa Frank neon prints? I know I did. Elementary school me would've fainted over an animal rainbow room, and apparently the nostalgic adult me isn't much better, 'cause I nearly lost my mind when I saw's Lisa Frank Flat.

From Oct. 11-27, guests can dust off their Trapper Keepers and have the slumber party of their '90s dreams at this LA-based Barsala location for $199 per night. The penthouse looks like a notebook come to life, with a light-up canopy bed, colorful murals, a stocked candy counter, and a kitchen cabinet filled with stuffed animals. Step into the bathroom and you'll find yourself in a dolphin undersea adventure, complete with plush robes and Instagram-worthy art on the walls.

If this sounds right up your Lisa Frank-loving alley, you can book a stay at the downtown Los Angeles flat through the website starting Oct. 11. Take a peek at the penthouse in all its colorful glory below.