I Found the Perfect Dupe For *That* Internet-Famous Weekender Bag — and It's Only $50

Member's Mark Weekender Travel Bag
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren
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OK, I'll concede: TikTok really is one of the best places for finding new product inspiration. As much as I've tried to argue otherwise, some of my favorite purchases over the past year have evidently all come from TikTok in some capacity — whether it was seeing a video from an influencer about something they're currently using (and loving!) or watching users debate their favorite product dupes in the comments section on a video, the app really has no shortage of shopping inspo; it's a win for my commerce-loving heart, less so for my bank account. One such dupe that I've seen splashed all across my feed is the Member's Mark Weekender Travel Bag ($50), which — even upon first glance — you can tell feels like the perfect alternative to other luxurious personal carry-on bags.

I decided to take the viral weekender travel bag for a spin on a recent retreat up to the mountains and was pleasantly surprised by just how much I could comfortably fit into the travel accessory — the under-$100 price tag was really just icing on the cake. Ahead, I break down the full product details of this trendy travel bag, including why I think it's a worthwhile investment for any avid jet-setter.

What I Like About This Weekender Bag

The bag's price is definitely a big selling point for me. Everyone is traveling these days, and while the market for suitcases and personal carry-on items has expanded pretty dramatically, the accompanying price tags have also risen with the demand. I travel often and have been mulling over purchasing a nice weekender bag for those shorter trips when I'm not necessarily interested in committing to a proper carry-on or hardshell suitcase, but the high prices have always been a deterrent for me — that is, until I stumbled upon this weekender style. The accessory is so thoughtfully designed, with a high-quality cotton composition that's soft yet durable, giving me hope that it can withstand even my wildest travel adventures. Besides the spacious interior, the carry-on bag also has a separate zippered shoe compartment at the bottom, which can easily fit multiple styles and removes the hassle of me having to squeeze them in between my clothes and toiletry bag.

I also appreciate that it's fitted with a separate interior pocket that's ideal for storing my makeup and skin-care items, while the bag's detachable strap provides me with even more versatility to convert the accessory as needed — from one second to the next, I can change it into a classic bag and carry it by its top handles or throw it over my shoulder for more carrying convenience.

What's Worth Noting

Because of its viral nature — and the fact that it looks like a perfect dupe for some of the internet's other favorite weekender bags — this product has a tendency to sell out very quickly, and restocks only happen every so often. As a result, it's recommended that you scoop this piece up ASAP if you genuinely like it, particularly in some of the style's more playful colors like the light pink or mocha.

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Who Is This Weekender Bag Best For?

If you're in the market for a quality travel bag that you can trust will hold up well over time, you can't go wrong with this style — especially if you're on a tight budget. The bag is incredibly practical, with a deep interior space that can comfortably fit multiple outfits, your toiletry bag, a laptop, and more. While it has a firmer frame, it's also squishy enough that it can fit underneath a seat or in an overhead bin, making it great for both road trips and air travel. I love that I can forgo a suitcase altogether since this piece is so functional and offers me so much usable carrying space.

Additional Details

  • This weekender bag is available to shop in four colorways, including pink, ivory (my shade of choice), black, and mocha brown.
  • It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so you can choose to carry it by hand or simply adjust the style's design so that it can be worn like a shoulder bag.
  • The piece is made from a high-quality cotton-and-linen fabric that's made to last. While it certainly doesn't have a hard-shell design, the bag's material is still thick enough that it's able to hold its shape without folding over or becoming too broken down over time.

Where Is This Weekender Bag Available?

This bag is available to shop exclusively at Sam's Club.