What to Know About Mutable Signs, the Shapeshifters of the Zodiac

If you've ever noticed you have similar traits as other zodiac signs, it could be because you share the same modality. There are three modalities in astrology: cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. This astrological grouping signifies each sign's tendencies and habits and how they interact with those around them. In the case of mutable signs — which are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces — flexibility and adaptability are this modality's bread and butter.

What Are Mutable Signs in Astrology?

Mutable signs are the shapeshifters of the zodiac, always ever-changing and seldom stressing out about life shifting around. If your sign falls under the mutable modality, you are quick on your feet and can ebb, flow, and adapt to your surroundings. Change doesn't intimidate you much; in fact, you even crave progressiveness and thrive off the changing environment. On the flip side, you tend to be inconsistent and unpredictable when it comes to committing to completing a project.

Whether your sun sign is a mutable sign or not, knowing the different characteristics of each modality is a must when understanding your chart. If you don't align with your sun sign's modality, you might resonate more with your Mars sign, which represents your impulses and determination. If your Mars sign is one of the mutable signs, you have a knack for thriving, making the most out of unpredictability. Read on to learn more about how each mutable sign resonates with this modality.


There's a reason Geminis are known for being hot and cold. Ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet, Geminis tend to be a chatty bunch who are able to put on different "masks" in order to fit in to most social situations. Due to their inherent fearlessness, these multifaceted signs follow curiosity down interesting and unknown roads.


Virgo signs may be ultra-organized and volitional, but they understand that their plans may not always pan out the way they imagine. However, trust that these mutable earth signs always have a backup prepared. Don't let their need for order fool you; these stable signs are quick-witted above all else.


As the explorer of the zodiac, Sagittarius can navigate treacherous waters with ease. They're seldom ever satisfied with how things are, which is why they're always searching for bigger and better things. Not only do they expect change, but they also embrace it.


Pisces naturally have one foot in reality and the other in the clouds. The adaptable water sign is all about the supernatural and loves to explore the unknown. It's probably why they have a "come what may" attitude about things, adjusting their emotions and perspective to fit the occasion — no matter how unpredictable or eccentric.