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New Holiday Traditions and Ideas

New Holiday Traditions Our Editors Are Planning on Starting This Season

Plans change, but your celebrations don't have to! We teamed up with Lowe's to share new ways to embrace the holiday season.

There is no doubt that navigating the holiday season and its festivities will be challenging this year. Our gatherings will look different and our traditions will have to adapt, but that doesn't mean the season has to be any less celebratory or festive! For our POPSUGAR editors, the 2020 holiday season is a reason to get creative with long-standing traditions or an excuse to create new ones. See what they have planned ahead.

There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Holiday Cookies


"While my immediate family and I will be together this holiday season, for the first time ever, we won't be celebrating with extended family. As a result, we'll be re-creating all of our usual traditions with just the five of us at home. That means, tons of baking cookies together, decorating the house from the inside out, and of course video chatting with our loved ones during important moments. We plan on going a bit more over the top in everything we do just to make it feel extra special." — Kathleen Harper, fashion editor

Spreading The Good Cheer (Even While You're Apart)


"Since I most likely won't be able to see my cousin for the holidays this year, we're looking for new ways to connect from across the state. Since we've always loved watching movies together, this year, we're going to pick an evening and hold a holiday movie marathon — we'll each pick one movie for the other to watch, along with a matching cocktail to make. It'll help feel like we're together (even though we're apart), and this way, our boyfriends can get in on the holiday fun, too!" — Stephanie Nguyen, senior style editor

Trimming Out The Mantel


"By the time the holidays are here, my parents will be in the middle of moving into a new home, which means they'll probably be too exhausted to fully unpack all of the Christmas decorations. However, my mother and I already promised each other that we would decorate their new mantelpiece with our stockings and the porcelain holiday village she's been collecting pieces for over the course of a few decades. Every other room in their new house will probably be devoid of holiday cheer, but you can bet that mantle will be top-notch — and probably covered in garland and fake snow." — Sam Sasso, beauty editor

Keep The Hot Cocoa Coming!


"This is our first holiday season in our new house, and it's also my first time with a fireplace. I'm most excited to decorate the mantle for a cozy feel. My idea of a perfect evening is snuggling up with our kitties under some faux-fur blankets with oversize mugs of hot chocolate and a holiday movie marathon on deck. Cannot wait!" — Joanna Douglas, executive content director

An Outdoor Christmas Tree or Bust


"This is the first year that I'm going to be spending Christmas with my in-laws, and they love going all out with decorations. They have a big pine tree in their front yard, and I'm excited to help my father-in-law decorate it with some ornaments — especially since outdoor decorations really aren't possible in my NYC apartment." — Annalise Lowenstein, lifestyle editor

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