This Oogie Boogie Costume Is Perfect If You'd Rather Go Comfy Instead of Sexy on Halloween

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If you want to really turn heads at this year's Halloween party, look no further than this hilarious and terrifying Oogie Boogie Costume ($130). While the Nightmare Before Christmas villain is literally a bag of bugs that taunts his victims and mocks their helplessness, the costume version is much more comfortable.

It consists of a foam-padded suit and full-head latex mask with a burlap-looking design, so you can quite literally wear a sack on Halloween and call it a day. The slit holes at the wrists make it easy to slide your hands in and out to grab a drink, and the mask has holes for your eyes and mouth so you can easily see and breathe (two very important things). Not only does this costume let you be super comfortable on Halloween, but it will also keep everyone guessing as to who is behind the mask so you can oogie boogie all night in peace (sorry, I'll see myself out).