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Jaroslav15760020 Jaroslav15760020 2 years

Hello, you need to earn extra money? I recommend Clixsense .. I have earned over 300 USD ..

Kelly15375553 Kelly15375553 3 years
Don't use the printer at work. It IS stealing and you CAN get fired for it!
Melody15351546 Melody15351546 3 years
I do not agree with the "use the printer at work" tip. That is stealing. My husband owns his own business and when employees use the printer for their own personal use it is stealing ink and paper from the company they work for. If they need to print something and they don't own a printer they can use the printer at the public library or go to Office Depot or Staples. I agree with Charitykoltes.
Charitykoltes Charitykoltes 3 years
Some great tips, but I think doing personal printing projects at work is a bit like stealing.
christinaelaine christinaelaine 4 years
@agurlwithcurls... My mortgage is less than $800 a month in Austin, Texas
agurlwithcurls agurlwithcurls 4 years
Did anyone read #5? ""Ever since I bought my house and took on a mortgage payment of $800 a month..." Um.. excuse me? An $800 MORTGAGE???? where in the world is that even a possibility? 
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 4 years
@Emily Co Yes, I suppose that's good.  But, I have been doing these things for years.  It doesn't hurt to be reminded.  Here are some more tips:  They are pretty common, too; But, they may help some people.
GirlinTheRaw GirlinTheRaw 4 years
I must second the thermostat idea. I moved to S.FL to find ppl going absolutely nuts on the AC. Not only is it wasteful, it is terribly unhealthy to switch 20 degrees up & down during the day. Public places, shops, restaurants etc. are the worst. The hotter it gets outside, the colder they are, from 100+ outside to 70 inside. I have to take a sweater for closed spaces, it's crazy. Ppl (specially older) are experiencing heat waves because their bodies are exposed to unnnatural temperature most of the day. And the ac is on all year round, trust me! I have to went about it, I'm still not adjusted to it. I also think the air can be unhealthy for the lungs, who knows what kind of mini animals & bacteria breeds in the vents.
Emily-Co Emily-Co 4 years
 @LittleMzFit  That a good thing! It means you're already living a very fulfilling and frugal life. :)
LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 4 years
I thought I would learn something new here, but I already know all those tips. :(  
Christina-Perez Christina-Perez 4 years
This is awesome — thanks for all the amazing tips!
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