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American Christmas Travel Destinations

Christmas-Lovers Need to Add These 15 Cities to Their Holiday Travel List

American Christmas Travel Destinations

Philadelphia has everything that makes it a top-notch choice for holiday travelers: one of the largest Christmas markets in the country, a giant 30-foot tree, a Made in Philadelphia pop-up market surrounding City Hall, a Christmas Carousel, Franklin Square Light Show, Christmas on the waterfront, and Historic Holiday Nights in America's most historic square mile (Old City District). Millions flock to Philly for these attractions and to take in the historic and iconic sites during the month of December. Add in the award-winning food scene and pop-up food markets within the holiday markets, and there's something for everyone.

Christmas Village in Philadelphia, which attracts more than 750,000 people from around the country every year, makes a return this year to the iconic LOVE Park. Christmas Village organizers also work with the Center City District to host the Made in Philadelphia Market, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people to City Hall and Dilworth Park — that also has vendors, gifts, an ice skating rink, entertainment, and more.

In the courtyard of City Hall, the Christmas Village will bring back the Christmas Village Carousel, and nearby, on the north apron of City Hall, the City of Philadelphia will host its giant Christmas tree. Together, Christmas Village at Philadelphia, City Hall Courtyard, and Made in Philadelphia Market could attract upward of two million visitors this year.

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