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Expert Travel Tips For the Holiday Season

10 Insider Travel Tips For Dealing With the Busy Season

Expert Travel Tips For the Holiday Season

Depending on the length of your flight, finding a comfortable seat can make all the difference. It's no secret that scoring a prime economy seat on a major carrier can be difficult without shelling out some extra $$, but it might be worth it if the only alternative is a middle seat in the back row. Your best bet is to choose your seat at the time of booking (if the airline allows) to lock in the best available seat. If you're not sure what to choose, a representative from Cabeau, a leader in travel products in more than 110 countries worldwide, advises using apps like SeatGuru and Skytrax that rank the seat maps of most airlines. You can also read reviews from fellow travelers about each seat, so you know what to expect.

If you are unhappy with your seat, keep checking the seat map on the airline's app while waiting at the gate. Most airlines will continue to upgrade fliers with status up until the last minute, meaning window and aisle seats can open up.

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