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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2021

We're Calling It Now! Here Are 2021's Buzziest Halloween Costume Ideas

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2021
Image Sources: Everett Collection, Netflix and YouTube user The Weeknd
  • What to wear for Hyacinth: As the eighth and youngest Bridgerton child, Hyacinth mainly wears pink dresses with lots of frills and fancy bows.
  • What to wear for Colin: You can find Colin wearing a lot of blue throughout the season. A blue jacket, vest, and pants very much suit his look.
  • What to wear for Lady Violet: Almost always dressed in white, you can find Lady Violet with her hair back, in a white gown, with white gloves on.
  • What to wear for Eloise: You can find Eloise dressed in gowns with high necklines. She appears to keep her skin very covered — so try not to show too much!
  • What to wear for Anthony: One of Anthony's most iconic looks is in the first episode when he accompanies Daphne to the ball. He wears a white vest and undershirt with a cropped jacket that is so stylish, it's a must-try costume choice.
  • What to wear for Daphne: Daphne is a big fan of the color blue (up until she marries Simon). A long blue dress, white gloves, and a cloak will suffice for this costume.
  • What to wear for Gregory: For being the youngest Bridgerton son, Gregory dresses wisely beyond his years. To pull off Gregory, a blue vest, a white undershirt, and gray trousers will do.
  • What to wear for Benedict: As the second eldest Bridgerton son, Benedict dresses in head-to-toe black with a pop of white for his vest or undershirt.
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