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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2021

We're Calling It Now! Here Are 2021's Buzziest Halloween Costume Ideas

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2021
Image Sources: Everett Collection, Netflix and YouTube user The Weeknd
  • What to wear for Giulia: Defending Luca and Alberto from the town bully, Giulia quickly discovers some new friends. Giulia is independent and free-spirited, and her outfit showcases that. To become Giulia, pick up a blue beanie, a striped T-shirt, baggy jeans, and brown sandals.
  • What to wear for Luca: Luca, a sea monster, ventures to land to have the summer of his life in a seaside town on the Italian Rivera. Luca's signature look is easy to copy — a flannel button-down and blue shorts!
  • What to wear for Alberto: Alberto — a fellow sea monster — is who invites Luca to hang out above the sea. Alberto wears a yellow tank top with brown shorts as he walks around the mainland.
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