Allow Your Pluto Sign to Walk You Through the Darker Parts of Your Psyche

Your astrological birth chart is riddled with celestial insight into your qualities, quirks, and impulses. Your sun, moon, and rising signs can tell you a lot about your first impressions, emotional responses, and how you express yourself. And, of course, certain placements in your birth chart represent the darker, more flawed parts of your psyche as well.

Every zodiac has a shadow side, and it's symbolized significantly by your Pluto sign, and where in the zodiac the sign resides. Finding out the astrological meaning behind your Pluto sign can help you better understand the obsessive, power-hungry version of yourself — and can give you insight into how your dark side affects your day-to-day life, in good ways and bad.

What Does Your Pluto Sign Mean?

Your Pluto sign is a window into your secrets, hidden agendas, and subconscious. It's where you keep all of your taboo and top-secret emotions, thoughts, and desires. Since Pluto is associated with Hades in Greek mythology, aka the god of the underworld, this placement in your chart also represents power dynamics, obsession, and even destructiveness. Given its dishonorable shadow qualities, consider your Pluto sign the placement you hide from others — except maybe your therapist.

Your Pluto sign also determines transformation, your thirst for power, and your proclivity to upheaval. But it also signals rebirth. On a grander scale, when Pluto makes a return (meaning, completes its orbit) every 248 years, it usually creates an opportunity for change and renewal for all the zodiac signs.

Because Pluto's orbit takes 248 years to complete, it remains in each sign for many years at a time — between 12 and 31 years, to be exact. That means you'll have the same Pluto sign as many of your peers; in fact, it's called a "generational" planet for this reason. Most of Gen Z, for instance, has a Pluto sign of Sagittarius, a placement that may help explain the generation's reputation for questioning the status quo — and dealing with trauma through humor.

In general, you can think of your Pluto sign as a representation of the phases of metamorphosis and how well you adjust and respond to change. For example, if your Pluto sign is in Scorpio (which happens to be the sign that Pluto rules in modern astrology), you're probably comfortable with the idea of facing change and shedding people or situations in order to grow.

Knowing the qualities and habits of your Pluto sign stops you from avoiding or suppressing darker traits. Once you understand your Pluto sign, you can learn how to break bad habits and cycles. Pluto signs are reflections of your deepest and often shameful beliefs and desires, so as hard as it may be to face this version of yourself, it can be helpful when you take the plunge to heal yourself.

How to Find Your Pluto Sign

To find your Pluto sign, you need to know your birthdate and where you were born. Once you've gathered that information, all you really need to calculate your Pluto sign is an astrology app or an online Pluto-sign calculator. Then read below how your Pluto sign might show up in your life — for better or for worse.

Worth noting: although it represents your darker side, your Pluto sign is not something you should let define you. Using your Pluto placement as a guide to understand how you respond to change or power can be an extremely useful tool for growth. As long as you can take accountability and commit to inner work, your Pluto sign — no matter how destructive — is nothing to be ashamed about.

Pluto In Aries

Pluto in Aries is particularly, ahem, combustible, according to astrologer Liz Simmons (aka @the__crone). This fire sign placement "is a ticking time bomb with a short fuse," she says. But there's more to Pluto in Aries than a temper. "Conquering is the name of the game for Pluto in Aries," Simmons says. "Armed, ruthless, and even reckless, [they] stop at nothing to achieve their heart's desires." This could lead to an obsession with being the best or in charge, and even starting unnecessary conflict to come out as the top dog. "Pluto in Aries is not afraid to go to war for what it desires," Simmons adds.

Pluto In Taurus

Someone with Pluto in Taurus is likely to have "a deep-rooted obsession for enjoying what life has to offer," Simmons says. This placement tends to be "utterly transfixed by earthly passions like sensual pleasure, incredible food, material items, and money," and puts security and comfort top of mind, she continues. This greed has a dark side, though. "On the outside, Pluto in Taurus may appear to be living the good life. But on the inside, Pluto in Taurus can become a bottomless pit . . . never [feeling] full no matter what it has acquired, enjoyed, or achieved," Simmons explains. Pluto in Taurus may also struggle with change or transformation, as comfort equates to familiarity, and they find themselves "stuck in a pattern or loop for longer than necessary," Simmons says.

Pluto In Gemini

This placement is a bit of a trickster and gossip, according to Simmons. "Obsessed with information and understanding the social relationships in close-knit communities, Pluto in Gemini strives to be the smartest one in the room," she says. "There is a deep-rooted desire to know everything relevant." On the dark side, harvesting this knowledge can come at the expense of friendships. On the bright side, "this Pluto sign can assist with transforming the way information is synthesized," Simmons explains. "Learning new communicative techniques, tidbits to teach, or ways to converse are Pluto in Gemini's specialty." The goal for Pluto in Gemini is not to let a two-faced nature discredit what they know.

Pluto In Cancer

As of 2022, "Pluto in Cancer is our oldest generation alive!" Simmons says. "Individuals with this placement were born around the Great Depression, which plays a part in the expression of Pluto in Cancer." This Pluto sign tends to be exceptionally frugal due to a scarcity mode mindset, and they can be known for hoarding or hanging onto things out of a subconscious fear of having nothing. They also have motherly energy, as well as an intensely emotional vibe. They may be covert about familial matters, and prone to sweeping things under the rug. "Pluto in Cancer's taboos is rooted in the home; what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors," Simmons says. "To a certain extent, this is admirable as Pluto in Cancer will have an intense emotional bond with the home and family . . . [but] Pluto in Cancer may skew the power and control dynamics of the home."

Pluto In Leo

"Pluto in Leo believes that they're amazing individuals, someone who is deserving of celebration and attention," Simmons says. (Who isn't?) That said, they don't show off like you might expect: "This Pluto sign does not want to come across as insecure or attention-seeking despite wanting to be in the spotlight," she continues. It comes down to pride and ego — hallmarks of any Leo placement. "Sensational Pluto in Leo possesses a massive yet fragile ego that rules its subconscious desires and obsessions," she says. As such, being downplayed, ignored, or disrespected can seriously wound a Pluto in Leo.

Pluto In Virgo

Pluto in Virgo loves to multitask and "nail down the details, sometimes to the point of madness," Simmons says. "Pluto in Virgo can become hyper-fixated on something or someone that needs to be refined." They only want to help, but can go a little overboard when it comes to improvement, and won't stop until the thing or person in question has reached a godly state. Because they're so focused on perfection and feel the need to be in control, Pluto in Virgo can struggle with letting go and relaxing.

Pluto In Libra

Pluto in Libra strives for harmony, balance, and peace — especially in relationships, according to Simmons. They may desperately yearn for the perfect relationship or agreement, but struggle to take appropriate action to achieve this desire, including the inability to address the important issues or concerns that can help partners achieve real peace. "As a result, Pluto in Libra tends to obsess over its relationships to the point of breaking them or losing them," Simmons says. They may also be overly agreeable or act passive-aggressive in an effort to maintain the harmony they want so badly.

Pluto In Scorpio

This is where many millennials' Pluto placement falls. Pluto is the modern ruling planet of Scorpio, so they're well acquainted. "Pluto in Scorpio exceeds all expectations of secrecy, taboo, hidden agendas, transformation, and destruction," Simmons says. It tends to hide its need to be in control, as well as the turbulent, emotional tug-o-war happening beneath the surface. "If left unchecked, Pluto in Scorpio may resort to controlling, obsessive behavior that may destroy every aspect of its life as a result of unprocessed trauma," Simmons says. "However, if Pluto in Scorpio leans into the emotional absolution of its life events, it has the incredible opportunity to transcend the mundane. Pluto in Scorpio possesses immense power, so wielding it correctly will be a learned behavior."

Pluto In Sagittarius

Pluto in Sagittarius (looking at you, Gen Z) is a veritable breath of fresh air. It tends to laugh in the face of extremity or trauma. "Making jokes is the prime Pluto in Sagittarius way to cope," Simmons says. They may seem to bounce back easily from pain or destruction and seem unaffected on the outside, but below the surface, "Pluto in Sagittarius may struggle with making sense of the unknown, the taboo, and the hurt," Simmons says. They seek answers, and beyond that, purpose. "Pluto in Sagittarius is philosophical, so it needs to make sense of why certain things have fallen into place."

Pluto In Capricorn

Put simply, Pluto in Capricorn acts like the alpha. They're no stranger "to hard times or immense obstacles that must be overcome to be successful," and are accustomed to taking the lead, Simmons says. But they're so focused on leaving a grand legacy that they tend to "take on larger-than-life ambitions and stressors" in order to be as successful as they dream. "The ruthless behavior of Pluto in Capricorn can drive others away as nobody can be at the top like an individual with this Pluto sign; however, the path toward success is paved by destroying others to get ahead," Simmons says. Pluto in Capricorn doesn't like to be vulnerable, and because of that, emotional regulation and processing may not come easily for them.

Pluto In Aquarius

"Freedom and independence are a must for Pluto in Aquarius individuals," Simmons says. "A secret fear of being shackled, judged, or inability to be authentic lurks behind [their] seemingly cool mask." They likely fear being ostracized, especially by their community, and as a result, may destroy the most unique and special facets of their personality. "Conforming to fit in is a karmic lesson that Pluto in Aquarius will have to break free from," Simmons says. "Immense power lies in Pluto in Aquarius's ability to be genuine, inventive, and eccentric . . . When Pluto in Aquarius prioritizes its liberation, the rest will fall into place."

Pluto In Pisces

"Sweet Pluto in Pisces are wanderers, dreamers, and escape artists," Simmons says. "These vagabonds live between worlds, perhaps escaping to a fantastical realm more often than they should." They may be easily overcome with emotion, prone to having poor boundaries, or developing a victim complex. "Pluto in Pisces may struggle to walk away from poor relationships, bad habits, and more," Simmons adds. "The unconditional aspect of Pluto in Pisces can be the root of its destruction. . . . Once Pluto in Pisces sticks to its boundaries, there is an immense opportunity for transcendence."

—Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo