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April 2023 Solar Eclipse Meaning For Zodiac Signs

The First Solar Eclipse of 2023 Is Here — and It's Going to Be Chaotic

The first eclipse season of 2023 kicks off on Thursday, April 20, at 12:12 a.m. ET — and unfortunately, this means you might be going through some sh*t.

From being pushed to have a relationship-defining talk to addressing heavy-duty emotions rooted in the past, a full moon brings intensity and drama to everyday moments. On the flip side, new moons present us with a chance to set a powerful intention or plant seeds that we want to see come to fruition over the course of a new lunar cycle. In both cases, we're generally invited to work with the astrological energy of the moment.

But eclipse seasons — which happen twice a year and include roughly four lunar events — are a whole different ball game. These super-charged new and full moons tend to spur stunning shifts and major course changes that can promote growth. And with the solar eclipse and a new moon in Aries happening right now, it's looking to be a bit chaotic.

This is the first eclipse of the year, as well as the first in a brand-new series of eclipses that will last through March 29, 2025. Read on for the meaning of solar eclipses, as well as intel on which signs will be most affected by this particular astrological event.

What Do Solar Eclipses Mean in Astrology?

Whether it's taking a go-to spiritual bath or simply chatting about your aspirations with a friend or therapist, there's a variety of ways to make the most of a new moon. But unlike the new moons that come around once, maybe twice, a month, solar eclipses — which happen when the moon casts a shadow on the sun — happen about twice a year and can be thought of as more intense new moons.

Eclipse energy is so powerful, it would be in your best interest to dive into an involved ritual to avoid actively working with it. Think of it as an astrological torrential downpour or windstorm. The best way to handle intense weather is by being informed and taking a hands-off approach, allowing the storm clouds to sweep in and do their thing — even if that means they shake your life up in a way you weren't at all prepared for. Then, when the dust settles, you might very well pinpoint a big-picture explanation for the chaos.

In fact, solar eclipses are very much associated with self-exploration. After all, the sun oversees core identity and self-image in astrology, while the moon rules emotions and intuition. So when the moon casts its shadow on the sun, you may be driven to reconcile with how you see yourself. In doing so, you might find it's time to choose a new path.

Still, it bears noting that not every solar eclipse is going to affect you in a powerful, life-changing way. It all depends on how the event is interacting with your birth chart. You'll feel an eclipse the most when it hits — or is in aspect to — a major placement. In other words, look to your big three — sun, moon, rising signs — as well as other planetary placements and angles in your chart (such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs) to see how it might be affected by the solar eclipse.

How the April 2023 Solar Eclipse Will Affect the Zodiac Signs

When it comes to the April 20 eclipse, people who have placements in any of the cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — will feel it more than others. (And this is a crew that hasn't been hit by an eclipse series since July 4, 2020!) If you want to get even more specific, see if any of your natal-chart placements fall around 29 degrees of a cardinal sign. If so, you'll really feel this one.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

This solar eclipse activates your first house of self, Aries, nudging you to nurture and get more clear on your personal brand and identity. You'll be inspired to express yourself in an unfiltered way, and perhaps even fired up to take a bold leap of faith, given that the eclipse harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance.

Whether it's stepping into the spotlight on your own, pitching a passion project, or taking a different, empowered approach toward your love life, now is the time to do so. Just be aware that with the eclipse forming a difficult angle to Pluto, getting rid of anything that's no longer serving you and being open to transformation will be necessary to get your vision across the finish line.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

The April 20 solar eclipse falls in your 10th house of career, Cancer, so get ready to begin a new phase in your professional life. In the days around this lunar event, you may feel like you're being pushed to take on more responsibility or a leadership role, which would definitely not be out of character for you. You may even receive extra attention from higher-ups.

And ever since March 25, Mars, the planet of energy, has been spending quality time in your sign, which is firing up your desires, biggest dreams, and impulses. You might be more prone to going to bat for anything you've been intent on manifesting. TL;DR: this moment is all about taking action that could lead to well-deserved recognition.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

With the solar eclipse activating your seventh house of partnership, Libra, you're obviously on the precipice of an exciting new chapter within a close one-on-one bond. Note that the seventh house isn't just about love relationships, though. If this moment isn't about getting more serious with a significant other, you could be starting a new business alongside a former colleague or working closely with your boss on a key presentation. You might also be reflecting on how you can best balance your own personal goals and sense of self while showing up for a partner.

With the next eclipse in this series (and second solar eclipse of the year) falling in your sign on Oct. 14, know that the personal and partnership-related growth you're in the midst of will continue to take shape over the coming weeks and months.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

The solar eclipse falls in your fourth house of home life, Capricorn, which means this lunar event highlights a new, soon-to-be ongoing storyline involving your emotional well-being, roots, and inner life. This eclipse presents you with a chance to care for yourself in a new way, which could be the result of healing you may have previously put on the back burner but are now prepared to do.

And with Pluto having just arrived in your second house of income on March 23, inner changes you're willing to make could lead to satisfying transformations and shifts related to big-picture moneymaking plans.

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