Here Are the Solar Eclipse Dates to Add to Your Calendar in 2024

The lunar event that tends to get the most buzz for being dramatic is none other than the solar eclipse. Not to be confused with a lunar eclipse, the solar eclipse is a super-charged new moon that tends to spur stunning shifts and major course changes that can promote growth and encourage fresh starts within reach.

This year, there are two solar eclipses: one total solar eclipse 2024 in the astrological sign of Aries and another annular solar eclipse 2024 in the sign of Libra. For both events on the lunar calendar, you can expect some intense, out-of-the-blue changes — especially when it comes to one-on-one relationships. The solar eclipse 2024 may also steer you in new directions relating to beauty, boosting balance, and feeding a burning desire to amplify harmony with others in your life.

Read on for the meaning of solar eclipses, as well as the solar eclipse 2024 dates.

What Is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is what happens when the moon casts a shadow on the sun. In general, solar eclipses happen about twice a year, and can be thought of as more intense new moons.

Whether it's taking a go-to spiritual bath or simply chatting about your aspirations with a friend or therapist, there's a variety of ways to make the most of a solar eclipse. Considering eclipse energy is so powerful, it would be in your best interest to dive into an involved ritual to avoid actively working with it. Think of it as a torrential downpour or windstorm: The best way to handle intense weather is by being informed and taking a hands-off approach, allowing the storm clouds to sweep in and do their thing — even if that means they shake your life up in a way you weren't at all prepared for. Then, when the dust settles, you might very well pinpoint a big-picture explanation for the chaos.

In fact, solar eclipses are very much associated with self-exploration. After all, the sun oversees core identity and self-image in astrology, while the moon rules emotions and intuition. So when the moon casts its shadow on the sun, you may be driven to reconcile with how you see yourself. In doing so, you might find it's time to choose a new path.

When Are the Solar Eclipses in 2024?

Solar eclipses happen twice each calendar year. In 2024, here's when you can expect a solar eclipse:

  • Monday, April 8, at 2:21 p.m. ET: new moon solar eclipse in Aries
  • Wednesday, Oct. 2, at 2:49 p.m. ET: new moon solar eclipse in Libra

When Is the Next Solar Eclipse?

The next solar eclipse occurs on Monday, April 8 at 2:21 p.m. ET. This super-charged new moon will fall in the sign of Aries.

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