This Non-Binary BIPOC Tarot Card YouTuber Has Become My Personal Guru: Watch Your Sign's Video

The past year has been a roller coaster. If you're like me, you might be somewhere between extreme cabin fever and grieving loss, while simultaneously anxious about what the future might bring. Many of us have turned to unusual tactics to gain clarity and calm, and my unlikely source has been a non-binary, BIPOC tarot card reading YouTuber, Tarot By Bronx. I know what you're thinking . . . tarot readings on YouTube?! You're probably better off throwing spaghetti at a wall and looking to that for answers. But hear me out: Bronx's monthly readings, which illuminate each astrological signs' forecast for love, life, and career, have been so spot on that I now consider them my own personal tarot guru.

I first discovered Tarot by Bronx in early 2020 through a friend's Instagram. A fellow astrology buff, she posted a clip from a Tarot by Bronx reading, extolling the accuracy, and naturally I had to see for myself. Each month, Bronx posts 12 videos, one for each astrological sign, which can resonate for people with that sign as their sun, rising, moon, or Venus. The readings give general guidance on the energy of your life at the moment, while offering insight on career and love. I started to notice that Bronx's readings were spot on, some months even offering similar messages from the previous months, indicating an issue that had yet to be resolved. Like this past summer for instance, the Ten of Swords card showed up in consecutive month's readings, meaning I was resisting an inevitable change or ending and it was time to rip off the bandaid and start fresh. I realized I was in fact resisting leaving a job that wasn't right for me for another that was a better fit because I was afraid of change. I eventually took the leap and it proved to be the right choice.

POPSUGAR spoke with Bronx to learn how they got their start as a YouTube tarot reader and how fans of the practice can deepen their understanding of the ancient tool.

How They Got Their Start Reading Tarot on YouTube

Bronx's emergence into the world of YouTube tarot readings started by, you guessed it, watching YouTube tarot readings. "I started roughly two-and-a-half years ago," they told POPSUGAR. "I was going through a heartbreak at the time and found some tarot readings on YouTube for extra guidance and healing and I've loved them ever since." After studying the tarot craft for six months, they launched a YouTube channel in January 2019. "I felt the need to share my gifts with the world for others that needed healing. I felt a strong pull to put myself out there and that people would listen."

What Is Tarot, Exactly?

I grew up in a Christian household where tarot and astrology were deeply frowned upon. It wasn't until adulthood that I discovered how these tools worked and that they're actually rooted in spirituality. "Tarot is a divination tool used for guidance and channeling intuitive messages," Bronx explained. "There are certain tarot cards that represent certain signs and zodiac placements. The suits are also associated with the signs: earth, water, fire, and air." Bronx reads by zodiac sign and recommends watching the video for both your sun sign and rising sign to receive a more thorough message. "The rising sign sets up the houses of a birth chart which can be most important for your life. In your birth chart, there are 12 houses that represent the different parts of life. There are a lot of moving parts to what the houses mean and how they vary based on your rising sign." They also note that you'll need your birth time to find your rising sign. (Well worth the random call to your parents.)

What Makes a Good Tarot Reader?

I've always thought that to make a good tarot reader, you need to possess, as the very least, a keen intuition. Something more acute, like clairvoyance, is a bonus. Bronx agrees: "I feel like you have to be born with a gift but also come from a genuine place," they said. "Many people use their intuitive gifts to manipulate others because people mainly gravitate towards tarot when they need healing or are in a vulnerable place. Good readers tell people what they need to hear not just what they want to hear. Not everyone has the best intentions." While Bronx says that they sometimes read for themself, it's quite difficult to do. "There's a blind spot with reading for yourself and it is biased. It's a common issue readers and psychics face. I usually seek guidance outside of myself."

How to Deepen Your Own Tarot Practice

Bronx recommends tarot enthusiasts who want to learn how to read cards should get their hands on a deck and study other YouTube readers. "My favorite decks for new tarot readers are the Rider-Waite tarot deck and the Modern Spellcasters tarot deck, as they're simple and easy to read," they said. "The pictures aren't confusing and they are traditional so you can learn what the cards mean. Most tarot decks have their own types of pictures that differ from traditional cards which can make it confusing for a new reader." Bronx notes that they learned with a hands-on approach, and practicing often is the best way to hone your skills. "If you're more advanced you may like a deck like Tarot Illuminati."

I'm a Leo sun and Virgo rising and this month's reading for Virgo predicted that a test was coming, likely in the form of a person, and it would be the universe's way of seeing if I learned an important life lesson or if I'll sink back into old habits and make the same mistake twice. Like clockwork, that test came and I was able to recognize it for what it was and make a smarter choice than I have in the past. Coincidence? Maybe, but I like to think Bronx's reading helped me strengthen what I already intuitively knew.

Keep reading to check out Tarot by Bronx's monthly readings and be sure to watch both your sun and rising sign!

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