Each State Has Different Vaccine Perks, and This Website Tells You Them All

As if getting the COVID-19 vaccine wasn't a gift in itself (S/O to "normal" life again), some companies are giving away special perks as a reward. If you've been vaccinated, you can reap the benefits of free food, booze, sports game discounts, and so much more through dozens of incentives. In California, Super Duper is offering up free french fries(!). And if you haven't been vaccinated, well, we'll let the idea of these perks tempt you for a minute.

Dr.B, a company whose mission is to make access to health care more accessible, has rounded up all the amazing perks companies are offering for getting the COVID-19 vaccine by state — just look yours up! All you have to do is make sure to have your vaccination card on hand (like if you want a crispy creme donut, for example) and you could be living large in no time. Check out their website here, and let's all prepare for a vaxxed girl summer.