12 Gift-Wrapping TikTok Hacks That'll Make Your Presents Look Professionally Wrapped

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I don't know how spectacular your gift-wrapping skills are, but my wrapped presents usually end up being 75 percent tape, 25 percent wrapping paper. This always bums me out, because Christmas-themed wrapping paper is so damn cute! It shouldn't be hidden behind layers of tape, it should be accented with curled ribbons and candy canes. Luckily, like with most things, TikTok has our backs.

From candles to oddly shaped gifts like wine bottles and loose clothing, TikTokers are sharing their hacks and DIY tips for gift wrapping popular and tricky items. If that wasn't enough, these TikTokers also offer tutorials for solving common gift-wrapping mistakes, saving inexperienced wrappers like us tons of headaches. If you, like me, could use a one-on-one at Santa's workshop for gift wrapping or are ready to learn a few new skills, watch these TikTok gift-wrapping videos ahead.


How to Make a Bow Out of Wrapping-Paper Scraps

When the wrapping is done and the presents are under the tree, there's only one thing left to do: clean up your work station. Rather than tossing paper scraps into the trash, how about turning them into a creative present topper instead? This TikTok demonstrates how to make a bow out of wrapping paper so no scraps go to waste. Now your wrapped present has a flair to it!


How to Tie a Crossover Bow

There's no denying it: crossover ribbon bows take wrapped presents to a whole other level. They're pretty versatile, working on both single or stacked gifts. Well, now you can tie one, too, with the help of this gift-wrapping tutorial. After watching this TikTok, your presents will look incredibly sophisticated.


How to Wrap a Bath Bomb

Spa-themed gift ideas are great for anyone on your list because there are so many bath, body, and aromatherapy products to choose from. While bottled and boxed products are a breeze to wrap, bath bombs are not. Thankfully, this TikTok hack is here to save the day with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a perfectly gift-wrapped bath bomb. All you need are a 12x12 piece of wrapping paper, a hole puncher, and ribbon.


How to Wrap a Wine Bottle

Wine bottles — and bottled liquor in general — are tricky to wrap. Not only do you want them to look cute and festive, but since they're fragile, they need a little protection. This hack combines both of those necessities by utilizing two different triangle-cut pieces of wrapping paper, the flared-fan technique, and a tightly tied ribbon to help keep everything in place.


How to Wrap Clothing Without a Box

If you don't have boxes on hand, then you'll want to bookmark this hack for wrapping loose clothing. The tutorial starts off by folding and wrapping the clothing into a square, and once all the pieces are creased and taped securely in place, the DIYer folds half of one end into a triangle to use it as a card holder. Now you have a pocket for a card, a candy cane, or any other festive embellishments you wish to include!


How to Wrap a Candle

Candles may be one of the more easier items to wrap, but how many times have you ended up with too much wrapping paper at the top or bottom? This gift-wrapping hack shows a simple fix to this issue by tucking in the leftover paper at the top or bottom of the candle in a decorative pinwheel pattern.


How to Wrap a Gift If the Paper Is Too Small

Nothing is more frustrating than measuring and cutting wrapping paper, only to find out it's too small. Fear not! That wrapping paper is still salvageable for that specific gift. According to this smart TikTok hack, turning the paper so it's diagonal to the gift should give you the extra length and space you need. Watch the tutorial for how to smoothly fold and tape the sides.


How to Make a Bag Out of Wrapping Paper

For oddly shaped gifts, this TikTok gift-wrapping hack is a lifesaver. You'll have to fold, crease, and tape your way through about eight steps, but in the end, you'll have a gift-wrapped bag that can hold any irregularly shaped gift. Use this for stuffed animals, cosmetic bags, beauty products, candy, and more.


How to Wrap a Picture Frame

Sharp edges can be a nightmare when gift wrapping. Pulling or folding too tightly can cause an accidental rip, leading you to start all over, which is never fun — especially when you're running low on wrapping paper! Check out this hack to learn how to make smooth, crisp, and durable corners when wrapping picture frames.


How to Creatively Wrap Tickets

Whether it's for a concert, sporting event, theater play, or airfare, tickets make a wonderful present. However, tickets are stressful to wrap, and I think I speak for every ticket gifter when I say I usually hold my breath while the person is unwrapping, praying they don't accidentally rip the actual ticket! This genius hack demonstrates how to wrap a ticket using no tape and only folding, that way the receiver is prompted to open it like a folded envelope.


How to Wrap a Book

Remember when we had to cover our books with book covers in junior high to protect the outside and binding? Well, that's exactly what you're about to do in this TikTok. Another no-tape folding method, this brilliant hack shows how to sneakily fold wrapping paper around the book so it acts as an extra jacket. By doing this, you avoid tape accidentally ripping or destroying the book's beautiful cover.


How to Geometrically Wrap Gifts

For the more advanced gift wrappers in the room, try this creative and surprisingly quick tutorial that leaves presents looking geometrically wrapped. The trick is to make very sharp, creased edges as you wrap the present. It looks like this hack may work best on boxed items, but if you're feeling adventurous, give it a shot on curved gifts like wine bottles or candles!