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12 Best Gift-Wrapping Hacks on TikTok

12 Gift-Wrapping TikTok Hacks That'll Make Your Presents Look Professionally Wrapped

12 Best Gift-Wrapping Hacks on TikTok

I don't know how spectacular your gift-wrapping skills are, but my wrapped presents usually end up being 75 percent tape, 25 percent wrapping paper. This always bums me out, because Christmas-themed wrapping paper is so damn cute! It shouldn't be hidden behind layers of tape, it should be accented with curled ribbons and candy canes. Luckily, like with most things, TikTok has our backs.

From candles to oddly shaped gifts like wine bottles and loose clothing, TikTokers are sharing their hacks and DIY tips for gift wrapping popular and tricky items. If that wasn't enough, these TikTokers also offer tutorials for solving common gift-wrapping mistakes, saving inexperienced wrappers like us tons of headaches. If you, like me, could use a one-on-one at Santa's workshop for gift wrapping or are ready to learn a few new skills, watch these TikTok gift-wrapping videos ahead.

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