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Tips For Making Online College Classes Work This Year

7 Tips to Succeed in Your Online Classes This Fall

Tips For Making Online College Classes Work This Year

School is challenging enough already, but when you add all or mostly online classes to the mix due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it can feel practically impossible. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you can't ask your teacher or professor questions during the lecture, or compare notes with the people sitting next to you, or if you have problems with internet connectivity. My advice (as someone whose last semester of college was entirely online)? Try to treat your classes exactly the same as you would if they were in person. Make them a priority, schedule them into your day, and get excited about them. After all, you're still getting to learn really cool and necessary stuff, so use this as a chance to really focus and succeed this semester.

Fall 2020 doesn't have to be something you grit your teeth about and try to get over — it can be the semester you finally master something, decide on a major, qualify for a college scholarship, raise your GPA, what have you. The possibilities are endless. Ahead, you'll find more tips to help you make the most of online classes to have a strong semester in an unprecedented time.

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