JetBlue Fans, Get Excited! Here Are Some Helpful Hacks For Saving Lots of Cash

If JetBlue is your go-to for air travel, then saving cash on all your flights with the airline is top priority. JetBlue's prices are already pretty low (which is part of why we love them!), but here are even more ways to save major money that you may be missing.

  1. Check their site for deals frequently. JetBlue is always offering new deals between different destinations, so if your trip dates are flexible, keep an eye on their deals page to snag the lowest possible fare you can.
  2. Check your bag online instead of at the airport. If you check your bag online, you save money. Your first checked bag is just $20 if you check it online beforehand or at a self-service kiosk. If you wait to check it at the ticket line, it's $25.
  3. Don't waste your money buying snacks. JetBlue flights provide FREE snacks! The airline goes above and beyond your basic water and peanuts and offers unlimited brand-name snacks and beverages during your flight — free of charge, so you can fill up without spending anything.
  4. Take advantage of free WiFi. JetBlue has been rolling out its broadband internet called Fly-Fi across their fleet, and the free option offers email, TV and video streaming, and even Amazon shopping for members of Amazon Prime.
  5. Compare airports when buying your tickets. If you're able to fly out of multiple airports in your area, choose the "airports nearby" option when selecting your flight to compare different flights with the airline that are close to you.
  6. Become a TrueBlue rewards member. Not only do you get rewards benefits (users earn three points per every dollar spent, and when you book your flight on, you earn double, or at least six points per every dollar spent!), but members are also able to get in specific timely deals that change frequently — check out their deals page to see the latest. There are countless ways to earn TrueBlue points, so if you join, don't miss any of them!
  7. Apply for a JetBlue credit card. Use the JetBlue Mastercard to earn even more TrueBlue points. You'll have up to 50 percent savings on eligible in-flight purchases, plus plenty of other ways to save.
  8. Join the TrueBlue Dining program. Join the club, find restaurants, bars, and clubs that participate in the program, and use the debit or credit card associated with your TrueBlue account to score one TrueBlue point for every dollar you spend. You can redeem those points when you fly in order to get major savings through the airline.
  9. Get in on student discounts. If you're a student, book with StudentUniverse, a site that partners with airlines like JetBlue to help traveling students get the best deals on their trips.
  10. Book your trip or vacation with JetBlue Getaways. JetBlue Getaways has great deals on full packages that include airfare and hotel costs.