This Flight Attendant Revealed the Best Seat on an Airplane, and TBH, I Never Would Have Thought

The most dreaded part of booking a vacation? The flight to get there (and no, first-class flyers, we're not talking about you!). Flying economy is the most affordable option when booking a flight, but to be frank, economy can sometimes (*cough* most of the time *cough*) suck. You're often stuck in a row of strangers sitting shoulder to shoulder, and depending on the section you're in, getting up to use the bathroom can be a huge pain in the you-know-what. And don't even get me started if you sit near a bathroom — the smell will haunt you for days! You may be wondering if a "good" seat even exists, but according to flight attendant Sandra Jeenie Kwon, there is definitely one specific area that's much more enjoyable, and the best seats in economy are 49 C/D/F/G.

Sandra explained her process of elimination in an Instagram video, which begins with eliminating the middle seats (no one likes the middle). Next are the back rows, which don't recline. Then comes the emergency section — good for tall people, but doesn't have any cabin storage and, according to Sandra, has flimsy tables and trays. Sandra goes on to dismiss the entire front half of the plane, which, due to weight distribution, gets loaded first and gives you a higher chance of sitting in a full row. The flight attendant then brings up the very valid point of sitting near a bathroom, where she eliminates five rows near it to avoid the smell (thank you, Sandra). Finally, she eliminates both the window seats and back seats of a plane so that you can move around easier and get served sooner (flight attendants serve food and drinks from front to back), leaving us with seats 49 C/D/F/G! Seriously — what a tip! Even though we aren't flying much right now, we are definitely bookmarking this hack for all of our future vacations.