How Taurus Season Will Impact Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Although the beginning of April can be a chilly time of year, once Taurus season is in full swing, the balmy springtime weather, greenery, and vivid blossoms will finally be present. (Yes, we know you've been waiting for this weather for the entirety of winter.)

Taurus season is a time to be more present, mindful, and to revel in harmonious moments that insist you soak up the changing world around you with all five senses. That's because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, which sets a sweet, languorous vibe.

During Taurus season, you may be more apt to move slowly and steadily toward your desires as opposed to insisting on putting the pedal to the medal as you may have done during Aries season. But it's not all smooth sailing necessarily.

It is worth noting that Taurus is one of the fixed signs, and therefore prone to digging its heels in, so you might find it tougher than usual to stray from your usual routine or approach this time of year. Here's what you need to know about Taurus season, in general, and particularly in 2024.

When Is Taurus Season?

Taurus season happens annually from approximately April 19-20 to May 20-21. This year (at least in US time zones), Taurus season will be from April 19 to May 20.

The Overall Mood and Vibe of Taurus Season

For a sense of how Taurus functions in astrology and influences the weeks between mid-April and mid-May, consider the sign's ruler, Venus, which is the planet of relationships, values, earning, beauty, art, and pleasure. In astrology, the planet fuels your ability to relate to others, what you perceive as aesthetically appealing, your sense of romance, relationship to earning money, and creative self-expression.

The planet named for the Goddess of Love urges you to soak up what life has to offer socially, artistically, and financially. In turn, Taurus adores luxury, harmony, pleasure, and proudly takes its time with just about everything. When it comes to self-expression or taking action, the Bull refuses to be rushed, preferring to move slowly and steadily toward fulfillment of any desire or finish line.

Loyal, salt of the earth, pragmatic, and a creature of habit, anyone who has Taurus in their birth chart is truly grounded. Associated with the second house of income, Taurus is also concerned with being true to their values and putting in the work to earn what they deserve for their efforts.

That said, while the sun moves through Taurus each year, you may be more prone to gain clarity around what you value and how you're bringing your skills to the table to earn. And given Venus's influence, you might also be more diplomatic and have longer fuses in the face of a potential conflict.

Taurus Season: What to Expect in 2024

Although Taurus season happens every year, the moon and other planets each have their own distinct patterns through the sky, making for a unique astrological picture that differs from one year to the next. Here's what's going on astrologically during Taurus season 2024.

Almost directly following the sun's move into Taurus, two major planets — Jupiter and Uranus — will connect for the first time since 2011. The planet of luck and expansion and the planet of rebellion could set the stage for awe-inspiring abundance and a heightened desire to strike out on your own, particularly when it comes to how you're earning, experiencing beauty, and showing up in relationships, given that this conjunction is occurring in Taurus.

Also, as Taurus season begins, action-oriented Mars will still be in dreamy Pisces — the empathic, artistic water sign until April 30, initially bringing a more spiritually-charged, mystical, self-healing-focused tone to the sun's time in the sign of the Bull. But from April 30 to June 8, it'll move through its home sign of Aries, urging you to pursue goals with a much more fiery, dynamic, go-getter energy. That could feel like a real relief, especially coming off of the first Mercury retrograde of the year, which occurs in Aries and will be in play until April 25.

Once the trickster planet moves forward in the sign of the Ram, and another game-changing solar eclipse season is in the rearview, the remainder of Taurus season is an opportunity to get your bearings. The new moon in Taurus on May 7 is a chance to set grounded, practical intentions you aim to take steady steps toward achieving over the course of the next six months.

Zodiac Signs Who Might Be Affected Most During Taurus Season 2024

While we tend to think of each sun sign season as the moment in which those born during the season get to soak up the spotlight — and that is certainly the case! — people born with their sun or other personal placements in Taurus aren't the only ones who will be affected by the sensual, pragmatic vibes of Taurus season. Anyone born with their sun or major planetary placements in any of the fixed signs — Taurus (fixed earth), Leo (fixed fire), Scorpio (fixed water), Aquarius (fixed air) — could come away from Taurus season feeling like they're on the precipice of a thrilling new chapter.

How Taurus Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Here's what every sign can expect this Taurus season. Feel free to read the below based on your zodiac sign and/or rising sign, too.

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Although you've enjoyed your season, Aries, there's plenty of reason to love Taurus season, too: After all, when the sun is in Taurus, your second house of income is your main focus. This means you have an opportunity to transform your most dynamic ideas into cash flow. You'll also be working on nurturing your self-worth. In turn, you'll be even more empowered when going to bat for the payoff you deserve as a result of bringing your signature enthusiasm and dynamism to the table.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Welcome to your season, Taurus! Though you were likely digging the sleepy, meditative vibes of the sun moving through your twelfth house of spirituality, it's time to step out into the sunlight and share everything you have to offer with the world. You'll find you can gain more clarity around exactly how to pursue passion projects — and which ones are most worth your time and energy. This is also a moment in which you have everything you need to project your ideas and personal brand out into the world in a way that's sure to make an applause-worthy impression.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, your eleventh house of networking has been activated during the sun's time in Aries, which means you've been able to really flex your social prowess and feel even more connected to your favorite groups and teams. But as the sun moves through Taurus, you'll do well to embrace that side of you that actually doesn't mind bed rotting, because this is your moment to rest and recharge ahead of your season. You might be even more pumped about meditation, yoga, or dream journaling, all of which could lay the groundwork for thrilling new goals you can get after soon enough.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

While the sun was in Aries, your tenth house of career was activated, Cancer, and you might've been asked to step into the spotlight or take on a leadership position. In short, you've been itching for more recognition and ideally receiving it, but now, as the sun moves into your eleventh house of networking, you're more invested in working as part of a team. For you, Cancer, nurturing relationships with colleagues and friends is the key to success over the course of Taurus season. This sector is also dedicated to long-term wishes, so don't hesitate to key into — and take steps toward — an aspiration you've held close to your heart for some time.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

As the sun moves into your tenth house of career through Taurus season, you'll find its easier to step into the spotlight — something you're craving pretty much always, Leo. You infuse everything you do with a lot of fire and passion, and that is sure to earn you well-deserved applause, recognition, or accolades now. At the same time, you might feel a bit of a pull toward prioritizing downtime with loved ones, so use this period to pinpoint new ways to strike a balance between these two important areas of your life.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Taurus season is your chance to step beyond your day-to-day routine you've cultivated and love so dearly, Virgo, and no, it doesn't have to totally throw you off and result in a ton of stress. Taurus season invites you to take a leap of faith, travel, meet someone new, pick up different skills, or otherwise explore uncharted terrain. In short, you'll do well to steer toward any kind of eye-opening experience that's calling your name. Embracing this energy even a tiny bit — versus staying focused on the everyday details — feels truly thrilling and benefits you not only mentally but spiritually.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct 22)

The vitality-spurring sun is moving through your eighth house of emotional bonds and joint resources now, Libra, cranking up your appetite for emotionally, spiritually fulfilling conversation and intimate connection. Surface level interactions just don't really do it for you right now, so wear your heart on your sleeve and give yourself permission to go deeper. This could also be a moment for getting out of your comfort zone sexually or researching projects related to joint assets, like investments, savings, or paying down debt.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

During Taurus season, the sun's trip through your seventh house of partnership amplifies your focus on one-on-one partnerships, Scorpio. While you could be zeroing in on endeavors that you and your S.O. are pursuing jointly, this is also a season for moving the ball forward on a meaningful project or goal alongside a best friend, business partner, or family member. The other side of the coin: By reflecting on how you're showing up within these relationships — and how others are showing up for you, you could find you're inspired to stand even more strongly in your own sense of self.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

The sun's trip through Taurus activates your sixth house of routine and wellness, so you'll be extra capable of handling everyday to-dos once and for all, Sagittarius. Your health is also a focus, so consider reassessing your existing fitness plan and possibly exploring a new one. And as you build momentum and get more organized and productive, you'll feel even more centered, confident, and capable of taking on whatever the next day, week, or month has in store for you.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Capricorn, the sun's shift into Taurus and your fifth house of romance and self-expression fuels more playfulness, fun, creativity, and the ability to own and share your voice and most heartfelt feelings. In other words, you have full permission to hit pause on your usual industrious grind in order to embrace spontaneity and quality time with friends, loved ones, and if you're attached, your S.O. You'll also likely feel more inspired to make more time for flirting, laughing, and expressing yourself artistically.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

As the sun moves through Taurus, it moves through your fourth house of home life, Aquarius, turning your attention to your inner life, family affairs, and your actual domestic space. You might feel like taking a time-out from your usual forward-thinking hustle to lean into downtime with loved ones, cooking, gardening, or caring for your home in whatever way brings you a sense of centeredness. This can also be a wonderful moment for stepping up self-work — perhaps alongside a therapist or mentor — which can lead to lasting emotional healing.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

The sun's trip through Taurus and your third house of communication sets the stage for a super-packed calendar and a heightened appetite for connecting and learning, Pisces. You'll find you can more readily make plans with anyone in your social circle, and when you get together, conversations are especially lively. So whether you've been wanting to read more, go for a challenging hike, take a short-distance trip, or check that new art exhibit, you'll have extra oomph to join up with a few friends and make it happen now.

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