27 Witch Costume Ideas For Halloween That Are Anything but Basic

A witch costume is a Halloween classic: not only is it easy to pull together with a hat and black outfit, but it's an icon of Halloween. (Just ask the leading ladies of Riverdale, who dressed up as the Sanderson Sisters last Halloween.) While it may be tried and true, this costume is anything but basic, and these variations on the traditional witch outfit prove it. Whether you're more of a sexy witch or a Salem witch, you can make the outfit your own, and likely find a way to DIY your witch costume, too.

You can go as a traditional witch (think: all black, pointy hat, broomstick), or transform into a famous witch from a movie or TV show for more of a trendy take. From Elphaba and Glinda to Sabrina and Hermione, there are plenty of examples of witches in pop culture to derive inspiration from. You can customize your costume with wigs, fun tights, stage makeup, jewelry, and more, as you'll soon see below. If you're hosting a party at home, you can even bring your cat along as an accessory, as long as they're feeling social and up to it.

Channel your inner sorceress and hop on your broomstick, because it's witching hour. Keep scrolling for 27 different DIY witch costumes ideas to use as inspiration — or a straight-up blueprint — for your Halloween look.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Wigged Out Witch

Put your own spin on the traditional black hat and dress with a fun wig. This is a great way to repurpose a wig you have on hand from a different costume or to keep costs down by crafting a costume with your little black dress.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: 18th-Century Witch

Bust-le out your sewing skills, because this 18th-century costume is seriously unique. With long sleeves and a traditional corset bodice, this outfit will certainly turn heads.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Corseted Witch

If you have a corset and a black dress, you're over halfway done with this easy but fashionable DIY witch costume. A corset adds instant witchy style and glamour. Plus, you can repurpose both pieces for other fashion moments in life.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: The Punny Witch

If your go-to outfit is a T-shirt and jeans, you're going to love this "Witchful Thinking" costume idea. It's easy to create or DIY this witch costume, which might be the easiest and comfiest of all.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Witchy Minnie Mouse

We're obsessed with this adorable, vibrant Minnie Mouse witch costume. It's super easy to DIY a Minnie Mouse skirt and pair it with a black top, or you can go all out with color like @lizdesilvadesigns did. Add two black pom-poms to your witch hat, and you've got a witch costume that's so fine, it'll blow your mind.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Floral Witch

Whether you're feeling inspired by Taylor Swift's iconic Grammys outfit, or just want to add a little more flower power to your costume, this DIY witch costume is super easy to pull off. Start with the essential black outfit and hat, and then add flowers wherever you see fit. Optional: a matching corsage!


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Spooky Spiders

What's scarier than a witch? A witch paired with the real-life threat of spiders. Whether you go for a DIY sequined web or mesh netting, this spider witch costume is sure to scare.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Maleficent

We may not be able to copy Angelina Jolie's iconic cheekbones, but we can emulate her wicked Maleficent look with this costume. Thankfully, you have several looks that you can choose from throughout the two films — but either way, horns are a must. Aluminum foil and black fabric or spray paint plus a headband is an easy way to DIY them.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Winifred Sanderson

This DIY witch costume is perfect for redheads. With a broom, green dress, and pointy nails, you can transform into Sanderson in a flash with this "Hocus Pocus" costume.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Queenie Goldstein

Hermione isn't the only witch from the wizarding world that we can draw inspiration from. Queenie Goldstein from "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is an icon in her own right. Whether you choose this plaid dress or another one of her fashionable outfits, this sophisticated witch costume is sure to steal the show.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: The White Witch

This childhood favorite is a fun twist on traditional black witch attire. White clothing is a must, which you can thrift just like @portiaddoesstyle did. Top it all off with an icicle crown and you'll be the queen of the party.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Modern Sexy Witch

Shapeless, long black gowns? No thanks. This sexy witch costume brings the witch into the 21st century, with a high-waisted, body-con skirt and crop top. The best part about this costume is that you can make it entirely your own: all you need is a hat.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Solar or Lunar Witch

There's nothing witches love more than a full moon. Add some lunar or solar power to your costume with star, moon, and sun shapes and colors. This DIY witch costume really lets your creativity shine.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Spooky Steampunk

Black clothing, leather, corsets, full skirts and accessories? No wonder steampunk and witchery go hand in hand. This is a great costume to DIY because you can be creative and flexible with whatever you find at the thrift or costume store. Remember, aviator goggles on your witch hat are a must.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Wicked Witch of the West

Whether you prefer Dorothy's version of the story or Elphaba's, the Wicked Witch of the West is an iconic costume that can be easily made with striped tights and a good face paint. For a buddy costume, grab a Glinda!


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Sarah Sanderson

Blondes will have all the fun with this witch costume. You can order the dress, or make your own by shopping for individual pieces that you can wear again later. Of course, the pink corset is a must.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Hermione

One of our all-time favorite wizarding witches, you can probably pull off a Hermione costume with what's already in your closet. Just add a striped Hogwarts tie and a wand, and you're looking spellbinding.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Possessed Witch

This one is perfect for the eyeshadow experts out there. Coating your lids with white — and the area around your eyes in dark colors — can turn a standard witch costume into a spooky one in no time.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Double Trouble

Grab your spookiest sister and dress up as a pair for this spooky costume. Twins have been creepy since The Shining, and this costume is no exception. You and your bestie can make it as scary or as sexy as you like — just make sure to match!


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Classic Sexy Witch

A short skirt, sheer black tights, and heels is the tried and true formula for turning any costume into a sexy version of itself. The sexy witch is a classic for a reason, and you can likely make it with clothes from the fun section of your closet. Just don't forget the hat!


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Swamp Witch

For those who want to go in the complete opposite direction of the sexy witch, there's the swamp witch. Make this costume your own with lots of green and blue, a fun wig, and fishnets.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Burned Witch

Go for a Salem witch trial survivor look with this burned witch costume. Masters of makeup artistry, this is your time to shine!


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Masked Witch

No makeup? No problem. Find or make a cute mask that goes with your witch hat. Get creative with paint, sequins, and more.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Late Renaissance Witch

With a lace-up dress, flouncy-sleeved top, pointy hat, and a crystal necklace, you can put together a simple witch costume that feels like it's straight out of the 1600s.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Creepy Witch

There are so many ways to do witch makeup for Halloween, but this old-school creepy witch look inspired by "Snow White" is a super creative take. Use makeup to enlarge your nose, eyes, and chin, and pair with a pointy hat. As your final accessory, grab a shiny red apple.


DIY Witch Costume Idea: Salem Witch

Go old-school with a Salem witch outfit, using a 17th-century dress and witch hat. Bonus points if you want to use tissue paper or tulle to create fake flames around the hem of your dress.

DIY Witch Costume Idea: Winx Witch

The power of nostalgia will come in handy for this throwback costume. While our favorite Trix witches were sadly left out of "Fate: The Winx Saga," true fans are sure to remember Icy, Darcy, and Stormy as the baddest witches around.