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2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer Contest Winners

The Winning Photos For the Nat Geo Photo Contest Will Leave You in Awe

2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer Contest Winners

Prepare yourself to start feeling some intense wanderlust after seeing the winners from this year's National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest. The photos include spectacular shots of a street in Marrakesh, Morocco, or lightning almost striking Komtar Tower in Malaysia.

The grand-prize winner is Anthony Lau, who photographed an epic shot of Mongolian horsemen during the winter. Lau will hopefully show off more of his photographic skills as his prize includes a seven-day polar bear photo safari for two at the Churchill Wild-Seal River Heritage Lodge in Canada.

Check out the winning and runner-up entries ahead in three different categories, Nature, Cities, and People, complete with the photographer's original caption. If that's not enough to satiate your appetite for travel, take a peek through this year's submissions for the contest and the winners from 2015.

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