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Buy Katy Perry Halftime Shark Costume

Wut: The Left Shark Costume Campaign Is Going Absolutely Viral

The Patriots may have won the 2015 Super Bowl, but the true winners were the Katy Perry sharks, who captured the hearts of spectators nationwide. And now we can all be Left Shark, Right Shark, or even Katy Perry Shark. One quick-thinking philanthropist knows not to let such a significant moment in pop culture history pass without giving the people what they want, so he started an Indiegogo campaign to sell the halftime shark costume but with a twist. All proceeds will benefit an environmental charity. For $89 you can preorder the same iconic suit seen during America's biggest sporting event and dance to Katy Perry songs at ease knowing 100 percent of shark suit proceeds will go to a good cause.

The campaign originally had a goal of $5,000, but for obvious reasons (who doesn't want a halftime shark suit?!), the campaign has now raised over $26,000. If a costume is a little much for you, the campaign is also offering shark suit stickers for $5 or a shark suit template for DIYers for $15. Now's the tough part: are you Left Shark or Right Shark?

Image Source: NBC
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