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Funny Harry Potter Themed Proposal

Harry Potter Fans Will Both Love and HATE This Proposal

Some Harry Potter fans love the books and movies so much that everyone around them also learns all about the franchise — even if they don't like it themselves. It's the predicament one boyfriend found himself in, but he put together a Harry Potter-"themed" proposal anyways.

Posted on Imgur by his now fiancée, hauntlife2590, the gallery of images shows off the strangest Harry Potter proposal yet. It begins with the boyfriend leaving behind a Nerf Gun with a note stating: "Help! I'm trapped in the house surrounded by baddies! Save me with your Hogwarts wand before they Patronus my face hole with their Azkaban wands." If you couldn't tell, the boyfriend knows nothing about Harry Potter. He still put together a sort of Nerf gun obstacle course where his girlfriend needed to "shoot" different characters from the books. Some he let free like Dobby, where he wrote on a printed piece of paper saying, "Your natural inclination might be to fire at this gross little ballsac. But I guess he's a friend. Don't shoot!!!!"

At the end of the Nerf gun hunt, the boyfriend popped out and they had a battle between themselves. Once that was done, he proposed, she said yes, and you can see their entire story below.


Proposal Level 100000000000

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