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Game Reviewer Messages Boys' Moms About Rape Threats

How 1 Gamer Brilliantly Handled Online Rape Threats

Sadly, attacks on female gamers are all too common (remember GamerGate?). But a 21-year-old game reviewer from Australia is trying an unusual way of dealing with the haters — by telling their mothers.

You see, Alanah Pearce is a media student, has a popular YouTube channel, reviews games for radio and TV stations, and often gets rape threats from young boys because of her work. She's tired of it and has been tweeting about her new approach.

That tweet that she wrote last week has since gone viral, and she's written follow-up tweets explaining that she easily finds the moms on Facebook by looking through the boys' pages.

She also explained why she's taking this route. "A while ago, I realized that a lot of the people who send disgusting or overly sexual comments to me over the internet aren't adult males," she told The Guardian. "It turns out that mostly they're young boys and the problem is they don't know any better, so responding to them rationally didn't resolve the situation."

Pearce has written to four mothers but has only heard back from the one whose reaction you see above ("Omg, little sh*t. IM SO SORRY. YES I WILL TALK TO HIM!"). Maybe the rest haven't seen the messages yet because of Facebook's "other" folder, but we look forward to more responses.

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