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Guy Poses as Predator on Facebook

The Shocking Social Media Experiment Every Parent Has to See

We all know about the dangers of interacting with strangers on social media . . . right? One online prankster put this to the test and created an experiment where he showed how easy it was to lure girls whom he met on Facebook to meet in person.

Coby Persin, with the permission of the girls' parents, contacted them via Facebook, posing as a 15-year-old boy. He chatted with all three girls — ages 12 to 14 — for three to seven days before suggesting a meetup. He then filmed the meetups, along with the parents' shock and anger over their daughters' dangerous decisions.

The viral video has already garnered 11 million-plus views since it went up two days ago. While online predators are everywhere, and not solely on Facebook, this short video reminds us all how easy it is to fall prey to these situations. Catfish, anyone?

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