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27 Funny Venmo Caption Ideas For Your Next Payment

27 Hilarious Venmo Caption Ideas Inspired by Real Payments

27 Funny Venmo Caption Ideas For Your Next Payment

If you're not using Venmo as its own social media app yet, you're missing out. The app itself makes paying back your friends so much easier, and you never have to worry about having the right amount of cash on you but one of its greatest features is a stream that shows users' payments. As a Venmo rule — the payment must include a description. It's like any newsfeed you're used to, but it offers a quick glimpse into people's escapades. Sure, most of what you see on the feed is what you'd expect . . . friends paying back friends for drinks, cabs, and rent. But you also see the occasional hilarious or crazy one-liner, and you wonder if it's for real or totally made up. We may never know, but they sure are entertaining. Keep reading ahead to find funny Venmo captions to send your friends next time you split a meal or activity.

Additional reporting by Tara Block and Clara Amelia

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