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How Siri Defines the Word Bitch

Update: Apple Changed Siri's Definition of "B*tch" After Major Backlash

Apple has updated Siri's defition of the word, "b*tch." Now when you prompt her, she has removed "black slang" under the second definition and replaced it with "offensive."

Original story:

We all know Siri can be a little sassy when it comes to answering questions. Remember the response to "Siri, what is zero divided by zero?" Her latest reply, however, is anything but funny. The Huffington Post first discovered what happens when you ask Siri to define the word "b*tch." See her response here:

See anything offensive yet? Under the second definition, there's a clear association between the word and black culture, which is absolutely, positively not OK.


Siri might not be completely to blame, however. She aggregates answers from other sources, including the New Oxford American Dictionary. Its online definition of the word "b*tch" is identical to Siri's, except it says "offensive" instead of "black slang."

Looks like it's time Apple updated Siri's answers, too. We've reached out to Apple and New Oxford American Dictionary for comment, so stay tuned.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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