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John Oliver on Encryption Video

The Government Wants to Make Access to Devices Easier; Here's Why Apple Is Saying No

Encryption isn't something we think of during our daily scroll through our apps, but it is crucial to the overall safety of our personal information. The passwords and financial and personal data we access through our phones on a regular basis is all protected using encryption.

While it is an essential part of protecting our information, encryption has its downsides, a major one being that everything we do on our devices is sent using some form of coding, making our information susceptible to hackers. In addition, encryption has become so universal, it has even made accessing information problematic for government and law enforcement.

The FBI is asking Apple to create a way to bypass their data-encrypted software in order to access the information on phones of criminals during an investigation (more specifically, the investigation on Syed Farook, one of the two San Bernardino mass shooters). Apple, however, is refusing on the grounds that creating a special software to unlock devices on a case-by-case basis also puts millions of devices and people at risk.

John Oliver hilariously uncovers some not-so-funny issues surrounding the Apple vs. FBI encryption debate in the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, leaving us with one important question: is giving the government more access to information worth the risk of it being accessed by others? Watch the clip to see Oliver's take on the topic.

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