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Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg's T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad

Can You Catch All the Pot-Related Puns in Martha and Snoop's Super Bowl Commercial?

Martha Stewart's unexpected friendship with Snoop Dogg is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to their delightful cooking show, Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, the two just starred in a giggle-inducing T-Mobile commercial, which is airing during the Super Bowl.

In the commercial, Martha lists T-Mobile's many benefits and says, "It's everything." Snoop, who is shown lounging on the couch, replies, "You might even say it's all that and a bag of . . . " Before even finishing his sentence, Martha drops as many marijuana-related references as she possibly can in the commercial's remaining 20 seconds. Some highlights include "purple cushy throw pillows," "herb-roasted lamb chops," "can of bisque," and many more.

Watch the highlarious spot above.

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