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Princess Leia Catcalled in New York | Video

Even Princess Leia Has to Deal With Street Harassment

The video of one woman being harassed and catcalled for 10 hours while walking through New York City streets caused a huge stir when Hollaback, a nonprofit with a goal to stop street harassment, posted it late last month. And when things get big online, what happens? The parody video. While we don't want to minimize how important it was for the world to see Hollaback's video, we've got to admit this Star Wars-themed parody from comedy group Are We There Yet? is pretty funny.

Watch as Princess Leia (while on vacation maybe?) deals with NYC streets filled with the galaxy's most cringe-inducing pickup lines. Expect to see Han Solo acting like his scoundrel self, Lando Calrissian trying to work his charms, Stormtroopers being as creepy as you'd expect, and even Yoda making an appearance. Wait — Yoda?! Aww, come on, you're better than that!

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