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Signs You're Addicted to Social Media

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Sharing all the cool stuff that happens in your life via social media is a big part of your day, which is why we partnered with Bausch + Lomb for this post.

Kicking back with social media is like hanging out with your most beloved friend. You get to peruse beautiful images, get a good laugh thanks to a perfectly shared GIF, and stay up-to-date on every celebrity drama. Let's not forget the countless hours sharing your own stuff too (cough — selfies — cough). Combined, it's potential social media overload. Well, our editors stopped to share their experiences and dish on their online obsessions.

You know you're addicted to social media when . . .

  • You plan to go somewhere, like a cool bakery, mostly because you want to Instagram it.

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  • You go out to eat and everybody waits to take their first bite because they know you need to take a photo first.
  • You see street art and think about how good of a Snapchat background it would be. Better yet, when you have a list of street art for future outfit pics.
  • You choose restaurants based on your friends' #FoodPorn snaps.

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  • You've perfected the art of sneaking Snapchat photos on public transit.
  • Your thumbnails never grow long, because you're always typing long Tumblr posts on your phone.
  • You know character names and storylines from shows you've never watched because you see so many GIFs from them on Tumblr.
  • You think about life events in terms of how many Facebook "likes" they'd earn (e.g., "If we got engaged, I bet we could break 300 'likes'!").
  • You communicate better with GIFs than with words.

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  • You take photos specifically to share on Instagram, not for your personal albums.
  • You check in everywhere you go and tag yourself in pictures.
  • You have had a Snapchat story reach 200-plus seconds while at a concert.
  • You think you have arthritis in your thumbs from swiping up and down too much.
  • Your child knows to stop and wait until you've taken a picture when doing a craft project so you can Instagram it.

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