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This Guy's Slack Costume Is Spot On β€” Just Wait Until You Hear His Notification Impression

If you're one of the millions of people who work in an office, you likely know by now that using Slack β€” an instant messaging app β€” is a necessary evil. Sure, your channels might often turn into an assemblage of GIFs and cat photos throughout the day, but much like email, it's an essential part of many people's workday. That's probably why one Twitter user drew inspiration from the app when creating his Halloween costume this year. Yes, a person actually dressed up as Slack, so Halloween is officially over because there's a very clear winner here.

Alex Engelberg took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a short video of himself in the clever costume. In it, he sports a simple t-shirt that he designed to look like the company's logo β€” but that's not even the best part. Engelberg even went as far as attaching the app's red notification icon to his shirt before proceeding to do his very best notification impression. Is this costume genius? Yes. And he managed to get the nod of approval from Slack's Twitter account!

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