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Spector Scanner For Fonts and Colors

This Handheld Scanner Can Magically Tell You the Name of Different Fonts and Colors

A recent prototype is delighting graphic designers and typography enthusiasts alike. Spector is a small handheld gadget that can scan any block of text and decipher the exact font type and size. According to Wired, the tool was simply created as a graduation project by Fiona O'Leary, a Royal College of Art student, although its peaked interest could result in it becoming an actual product available for purchase.

Spector works in conjunction with Adobe InDesign, a publishing program. By having a block of text open on InDesign, you can then place the scanner on any printed piece of text you like, click the button at the top, and the block of text on InDesign will quickly change to the desired font and size. This same process can also work for colors! If you don't happen to be near your computer, Spector can also capture up to 20 images that you can later process through InDesign.

The only major thing embargoing the product right now, however, is the threat of typeface piracy, since certain fonts are solely owned by brands. Despite that potential issue, we hope Spector is able to hit the market soon, because it's a pretty incredible tool.

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