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Students Tweet Lunch Photos to Michelle Obama

It's Official: Chicken Fingers Are Dividing the Country and Twitter

Forget "first lady" . . . call her "lunch lady." Some confused kids out there think Michelle Obama is directly responsible for the fish sticks in their lunch. High school students are taking to Twitter with complaints about their school-provided lunches, directing their chicken sandwich and mystery-meat-fueled frustration at Mrs. Obama, who campaigned for stricter regulations on public school meals. The USDA thankfully now expects schools to steer clear of ultrasugary, high-carb foods. But kids nationwide are angry about admittedly pathetic lunches some schools are serving instead.

While some might find it ironic that these kids are using expensive smartphones to whine about guaranteed daily meals, others are seriously concerned about the state of the average public school cafeteria. After all, some impoverished kids can only count on their school meals as a source of nutrition! But isn't that a problem Michelle Obama is trying to address? Regardless of your feelings about the politics of the situation, there's no denying that people are up in arms all over Twitter. What do you think about this pointing of (chicken) fingers and calling of names?

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