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Super Mario Parodies

Brilliant Super Mario Parodies Will Cure Your Monday Blues

If there's anything that can start your Monday off right it's a dose of Super Mario Bros. Actually, make that multiple doses of Super Mario Bros. What are the chances that three very different (but equally amazing) Mario videos would go viral and captivate us at the same time? Who are we kidding — of course that would happen. Check 'em out now!

The Ancient Chinese Instrument Rendition

The Sheng is a historic Chinese instrument, which is impressive in its own right. But when a woman named Li Jin Li performs the classic Super Mario Bros. theme song at the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan, we can't help but watch it over and over. (And over again.) She hits all the right notes — including the coin sound effects. Brilliant!

Mario Seinfeld — a Parody About Nothing

Seinfeld and Super Mario Bros.? Say no more. The gamer channel Esquire Bob Animations combined the two for a scene that's so good and so true. Watch Toad as George, Luigi as Kramer, and Mario as Jerry nail it in their roles. Case in point: the princess gets kidnapped again, and Mario just does not want to save her.

Speed Skating, Mario Kart-Style

The Olympics may be over, but it's worth watching every minute of this genius speed skating run rendition. Take a look as commentators narrate a race that has all the dangers of a Mario Kart course. Blue shells? Banana peels? It's all there and more. Yikes!

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