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Taylor Swift Texting App

If You Love Taylor Swift, You Need to Download This New App

There seems to be no end to how relatable Taylor Swift's music is, and if you agree, you can now text lyrics from her songs to your friends via a new app called Tay Text. Created and released yesterday by four Harvard Business School students, the app has over 300 lyrics to choose from. It works just like any other keyboard app: install it, tap the globe icon to switch to the Tay Text keyboard, pick a theme like Missing You or Haters, and choose whatever lyric you'd like to send.

This isn't the first texting app that uses an artist's lyrics to send text to your friends — Drizzy, which will send Drake lyrics to your friends, was launched in March. If you like what you see in the example above, Tay Text ($0.99) is available through the App Store.

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