13 Comedians Who Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Because you've only got six seconds, it's incredibly hard to produce a genuinely hilarious Vine video; however, these users have perfected the art of short-but-sweet comedy. Ranging from professional Internet personalities to college students having fun, these Viners are guaranteed to make you laugh with every post. If you're looking for a reason to rekindle your love for the social media platform, just give these 13 accounts a follow!

1. This Quick-Witted Little Girl

Ava is half baby, half adult — kind of how we feel every day. Her little quips are relatable and hilarious.
Follow: Vine user Katie.Ryan

2. This Hip Choir Conductor

OK, so his Vine isn't just hilarious takes on modern songs, but we have to say that hearing a chorus sing Beyoncé lyrics is pretty hilarious.
Follow: Vine user Reggie.COUZ

3. This Grandma's Boy

This Vine comedian has over 7 million followers for a reason . . . his account is filled with gold like this!
Follow: Vine user CurtisLepore

4. This Struggling Toast-Maker

This Vine comedian makes seriously relatable videos that will make you do everything from giggle to snort out your coffee. Be warned.
Follow: Vine user QPark

5. This Growing Comedian (Literally)

Danny Gonzalez often awkwardly inserts himself into music videos, writes funny song parodies, and uses graphics to aid his funny Vines.
Follow: Vine user DannyGoonzalez

6. This Grown-Up Viral Video Star

If you're looking for unexpected comedy, this account is a must follow.
Follow: Vine user Rydoon

7. This Beautiful Butterfly

Seriously, this isn't even her funniest Vine.
Follow: Vine user lizzza

8. This Graceful Nutcracker

One of Vine's most followed comedians, KingBach often collaborates with other famously funny friends in his videos.
Follow: Vine user KingBach

9. This Hungry-For-Justice Hero

Another Viner with a famous posse, Rudy Mancuso mocks cultural stereotypes and busts ridiculous dance moves on the regular.
Follow: Vine user RudyMancuso

10. This Nickelodeon Star

You probably know Josh Peck from his time on The Amanda Show and Drake and Josh, but now he's ready to make you laugh as an adult.
Follow: Vine user Joshpeck

11. This Relatable Club Girl

If you've dealt with this kind of expectation-versus-reality dilemma, you'll love this relatable female comedian.
Follow: Vine user ManonMathews

12. This Confused Techie

This frequently shirtless user often brings his family in on the Vine fun, and it will crack you up.
Follow: Vine user MarcusJohns

13. This Guacamole-Loving Traveler

French comedian Jerome Jarre found Vine fame by putting strangers in awkward situations, but his scripted videos are equally funny.
Follow: Vine user JeromeJarre