Do You Hear "Brainstorm" or "Green Needle" When You Listen to This Trippy Audio?

Just when we'd all moved past the "Yanny" vs. "Laurel" debate, the internet is here to test our earbuds with a new audio challenge. In a video posted to TikTok, Emily Sophie (@emilysophie.m) revived a two-year-old audio clip that has people torn over whether it's saying "brainstorm" or "green needle." "Watch it twice and try both words," Emily Sophie captioned the video, and, uh, do you hear what we hear?

Depending on which word you read first, your brain perceives the audio as sounding like one over the other. Based off the comments, it seems like changing the sound of the audio in your mind is as easy as reading the word you want to hear and giving the video another listen. Many people have also heard different variations of the previously mentioned phrases, including "green storm" and "brain needle." So, if this garbled sound can be interpreted differently by so many people, then what in the heck is it actually supposed to say?

The original clip, posted by YouTube user Cheddar Cheese on May 16, 2018, reveals that the audio is actually a sound made by a Ben 10 figurine. Considering that the toy is modeled after a character named Brainstorm, it looks like the mystery behind what this strange audio is meant to sound like has already been solved. Still, it's pretty cool to give our minds a puzzle to solve every once in a while. Watch the full video here to find out which of these words your brain gravitates towards.