You Can Change the Highlight Color on Your Mac, and We Love the Pink!

Unlike our phones, which we can customize with cases, PopSockets, ringtones, and more, our computers can be a little plain. But that's all about to change, because we just found a new way to spice up our Mac aesthetic that seriously elevates the look of the screen. The hack, which was shared on TikTok from user @_mad_dawg17, shows you how to change the highlight color on your Mac. Just a quick change in System Preferences can turn your highlight color to any shade you want (check "Other" if you want something outside of the basic ROYGBIV) when you search for something on your internet browser or on your computer.

The steps are short and sweet. First, you need to find the System Preferences application on your Mac, represented by the gear icon. If it's not showing up on the Dock or under the Launchpad, do a quick spotlight search for System Preferences. The first option under System Preferences is the General icon on the top left-hand side. Once you click that, there are options to change the appearance and the highlight color on your Mac. User @_mad_dawg17 specifically changes the highlight color in the TikTok video, but you can also play with the color options for the buttons, menus, and windows under Appearance. Under Highlight Color, you can choose between the usual red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, but there's also pink, brown, and graphite. If that doesn't satisfy you, the Other option provides you with a color wheel to pick a more specific shade from.

Once you pick a color, try clicking the search bar on your internet browser. The highlight should change to whatever color you chose in your System Preferences. Now you're searching with a little more style. One thing to note is that although the TikTok shows an alternative color for buttons, this can only be achieved if you change the color under Appearance. While you're there, go ahead and mess with the menu bar to see if you'd prefer it in dark mode or if you want it hidden. Happy searching!