Turn Photos Into Planets With This New iPhone Wallpaper Trend Taking Over TikTok

The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing a phone's home screen with custom app icons or aesthetically pleasing wallpapers. Luckily for us, TikTok keeps coming up with creative ways to personalize our phone backgrounds. A swirled planet iPhone wallpaper trend has gone viral on the app, but it's not the typical pre-designed planet wallpaper you might be thinking of. Basically, if you've been looking to upgrade your iPhone's background to something creative and fresh that reminds you of your place in the galaxy, there's a way to do it.

TikTok users are making galactic designs by morphing pictures they've taken into marbled planets and setting them as their phone backgrounds. On the surface, this might sound weird, but once you learn how to make your own planet wallpaper, you'll realize how special it truly is, especially if you're into clever photo editing hacks. To get started, you just need the app Picsart, a picture you love, and to follow the below steps to create a whole galaxy of planets out of your photos.

How to Do the Planet Wallpaper iPhone Trend on TikTok

  1. Open the app Picsart, and add a picture.
  2. Click "Tools" and then select "Stretch."
  3. Tap "Swirl CW" button on the bottom toolbar.
  4. Hold down your screen to swirl the image, and make sure you swirl the whole thing.
  5. Tap "Apply" once you're done swirling.
  6. Click "Tools" and then select "Shape Crop."
  7. Select the circle on the bottom toolbar.
  8. Add the circle where you want over your swirls (this will be your planet) and press "Apply."
  9. Change the size to zero and then save.
  10. Select "Sticker" on the bottom toolbar.
  11. Search "Crescent Moon" and add the moon sticker.
  12. Add the sticker to the outer edge of your circle and press "Apply."
  13. Click "Tools" and select "Shape Crop."
  14. Add the circle again and press "Apply."
  15. Change the size to zero and then save.
  16. Select "Fit" on the bottom toolbar, and in the Color selection, choose black.
  17. Turn the image to look like a planet.
  18. Press "Apply" and then "Save."

To see the planet wallpaper trend in action, watch the TikToks ahead.

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Planet Wallpaper TikTok Trend Tutorial