This Genius Hack Lets You Capture Everyone in a Group Photo, No Self-Timer Needed

If you're willing to dig around the vast world that is TikTok, you'll find some seriously amazing life hacks that take less than 15 seconds to learn. One of the latest tricks to go viral is from TikTok user @josh_atkinsonn, who offered his followers a brilliant way to take group photos when there aren't any people around to take the photo for you. Considering his video already has over 138K likes, it seems like we're not the only ones who love this amazing group photo hack.

Believe it or not, there's a way to get everyone in a group photo without using a tripod and a timer, photoshopping yourself in later, or taking a group selfie like you're Ellen DeGeneres at the 2014 Oscars. With Josh's hack, you can include everyone by using your phone's panorama feature.

Here's how it works: Have all the members of your group pose in a line, except for one person, who will start taking a panoramic photo. That person will slowly rotate the phone from the left to the right. Once the camera frame passes the first person, the phone-holder will freeze — keeping the phone level and steady — while the first person takes the phone from them. The first person will then take the rest of the panorama while the original phone-holder joins the group at the end of the line. The end result is a group shot where everyone is pictured (and no one who looks at the photo will be any the wiser). Say goodbye to the days of awkwardly cropped group selfies!