Kris Jenner Is Totally Faking Her Perfect Complexion on Instagram

The proof is in the pictures. Chef Gordon Ramsay recently came out in support of Kardashian ringleader Kris Jenner's new cookbook, and both reality TV celebrities posted a photo of the meetup on Instagram. But there was something a little, er, different about Kris's picture. The transformation isn't a dramatic as Renée Zellweger's, but upon closer inspection, you'll notice that Kris magically smoothed away those wrinkles. There it is — concrete evidence that Kris Jenner photoshops her own Instagram pics. She's certainly not the only Kardashian to do so.

No, this isn't surprising. If you're wondering how Kris achieved complexion perfection, there are a couple of apps that you, too, can download for Vaseline-like photo effects. FaceTune ($3, iOS) will let you swipe on little imperfections to smooth, lighten, and patch up skin. Perfect 365 (free with in-app purchases, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) gives you a makeover with just one tap. It even includes intelligent face detection so you can try on different makeup looks. Pure wizardry! Knock yourself out with these beauty apps, but make sure no one else is uploading the un-retouched version. Source: Instagram users gordongram and krisjenner