Can You Spot the Mouse in This Squirrel Brain Teaser in Less Than 2 Minutes?

Whoever said that picture riddles were just for kids? Hungarian children's book illustrator Gergely Dudás — also known as Dudolf — is the mastermind behind many adorable cartoon brain teasers, and his hidden-image searches are seriously challenging no matter your age. Just like the artist's Valentine's Day brain teaser, the objective of this squirrel seek-and-find puzzle is to find a cute little mouse hidden among all the squirrels. Seems easy, right? Wrong. You might surprise yourself with how long it takes to track down the rodent who's not like the others. Hint: Look for the rounded ears, though — once again — this isn't as easy as it sounds.

If you get stuck, don't worry — Gergely was kind enough to provide the answer. Just swipe to the right to reveal the spot where the mouse was hiding in plain sight, and then go stump all your friends with the same puzzle. For more adorably illustrated teasers, you can visit Gergely Dudás' Instagram page or check out his latest book, Bear's Springtime Book of Hidden Things. Also be sure to try your luck with his seek-and-find panda puzzle, which made the internet go totally bonkers back in 2015.