This Is What Your TikTok FYP Probably Looks Like, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The CIA agent inside my phone must be in cahoots with TikTok, because my For You Page has really been saying for you lately. Sure, there's a delicate science behind the TikTok algorithm, which essentially shows me a curation of my own creation, but I still get a little freaked out over how scarily accurate my TikTok For You Page is 99 percent of the time. And when I compare my big three zodiac signs (your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign) to my TikTok FYP, it seems even scarier.

As a Scorpio sun, a Cancer rising, and an Aries moon — the astrological definition of inner chaos — my FYP is just as chaotic, composed mostly of true crime, adorable TikTok babies, and complicated dance videos I'm determined to learn but never will. These subjects so clearly capture the essence of each zodiac sign, and I don't know if I should feel personally attacked or proud that at least I'm staying true to myself online. Add in the carabiner jokes, and my TikTok FYP is a spitting image of me: a moody, 20-something lesbian chasing dopamine and her youth.

While astrological staples like your birth chart or your 2022 horoscope will undoubtedly help you learn more about yourself, your TikTok FYP, according to your zodiac sign, could tell you even more.

Aries: Dance TikTok

With so much energy and bona fide confidence swirling in you, Aries, the expansive dance TikTok space probably sucked you in a long time ago. Heck, you may not even dance, but seeing the "likes" roll in to these high-energy videos lights a fire in you that won't go out until you've mastered every dance and performed them in front of all your friends at the bar.

Taurus: Foodie TikTok

Taurus, let's be real: you're here for the snacks and you know it. Just as you as move through the world IRL, you don't come onto the godforsaken clock app for all the drama and theatrics. You come to feel good, mind your own business, and surround yourself with all the delectable recipes foodie TikTok has to offer — and I think that's beautiful.

Gemini: Classic Viral TikTok

Gemini, you always seem to know exactly what's going on all the time, and that's probably because your TikTok FYP is filled with an eclectic curation of the app's most viral videos. One minute, that might be Emily Mariko's salmon rice, and the next, it's Peach PRC talking about how God invented sleep. On your FYP, you never know what you're going to get, and if that's not a cheeky representation of you, I don't know what is.

Cancer: TikTok Babies

As a rising Cancer, I am not surprised by the hold TikTok babies like Scotch and Vodka (née Scout and Violet), Lena, and Along Came Abby have over me. Bursting with maternal instincts, you can't help but stop and lovingly watch every single baby that comes across your FYP, Cancer, and the more you do, the more babies keep showing up. At this point, your For You Page may as well be the internet's daycare, and you, the loyal teacher checking up on them every day.

Leo: Outfit Inspiration TikTok

You are always looking fire, Leo, and that's probably because you're constantly sourcing outfit inspiration from TikTok. You started wearing big pants and a little top before it hit everyone else's FYP, and you love the sheer confidence stepping out in a bomb outfit gives you. What other people don't know is, you don't pass these videos up without throwing some praise in the comments, too.

Virgo: Therapy TikTok

I bet you thought you'd see "organization TikTok" here. Yes, few zodiac signs work as hard at, well, everything as you do, Virgo, but you aren't just working on your goals or your projects or your friends' problems. You're working on yourself, too. Structured and detail-oriented, you're keen on hacking your life, and ever the planner, you probably find yourself writing down the common exercises therapists use to come back to later.

Libra: Home Decor TikTok

I've never seen a Libra's apartment that isn't decorated beautifully, and I'm certain it's because of the hours you spend in the various pockets of home decor TikTok. At your core, you care so deeply about everything being in harmony, and that boils over into the aesthetic of your space, down to the very last detail. Even without your own place to fully decorate, it's likely you crave the satisfaction that comes from watching a beautiful home tour, and you'll chase that feeling for hours.

Scorpio: True Crime TikTok

Fitting of you to try to make sense of some of the most senseless topics out there, Scorpio. Practically a detective, you'll willingly jump down the rabbit hole for any mystery, which is why you're probably all over true crime TikTok. Because of the nature of TikTok, the short videos often leave you with more questions than answers, sending you to the next 16 parts that will, hopefully, lead you to the truth.

Sagittarius: Travel TikTok

Your TikTok is essentially a miles-long bucket list, Sagittarius, and it's growing by the second. You're constantly chasing joy, adrenaline, and adventure — you're never in one place or state of mind for long — and the aspirational travel videos flooding your TikTok FYP are a reflection of that.

Capricorn: Financial Advice TikTok

Capricorn, you have one major goal, and that is to secure your bag; everything else is secondary. The moment financial advice TikTok took over your FYP, you probably took each video not as a suggestion, but as a challenge. From the investment tips to the budgeting suggestions and everything in between, you've carefully consumed it all. And now, you're probably on track to have a gazillion dollars when you retire.

Aquarius: Twilight TikTok

Aquarius, don't lie: the Twilight renaissance on TikTok has been everything you've wanted and more. Quirky, creative, and curious by nature, you were probably into Twilight before it became a mainstream obsession and tried unsuccessfully to convince your friends to read it (only to see them wear a "Team Edward" shirt a year later). Twilight has since been reborn as niche humor on TikTok, which describes you so well.

Pisces: Astrology and Spirituality TikTok

People always give you flack about living in your head, Pisces, but when your TikTok For You Page is teaching you how to manifest all your biggest dreams, how could you not? Because you're an intuitive water sign that feels so deeply, it's no surprise you feel called to astrology and spirituality, practices in which feeling and intuition are essential and lauded. OK, and the zodiac sign roasts are pretty funny, too.