Ready to Give Your FYP a 2022 Makeover? See All of Our New Favorite TikTok Stars

In 2021, TikTok gave us a place to express our undying love for Olivia Rodrigo's "drivers license" and have deep discussions about topics like "nature cereal" and potential collabs between major artists. But with 2022 in full view, we have our eyes on a few TikTok stars who are giving us reasons to laugh (See: Stepan the cat), experiment with new beauty trends, and blow up the group chat.

Otis Jones is a creator who teaches ASL through impressive song performances, and Darlene Octavia shares beautiful vegan recipes that will leave you hungry for lunch. So whether you need a good feta mashed potato recipe, some new pets to follow, or just a new reason to send your BFF the same video 10 times in a row, these stars have you covered. Ahead, check out all of the comedians, dancers, singers, gymnasts, fashion experts, beauty influencers, and more who we're following in 2022.


Otis Jones — @slntwrlddd

Otis Jones is a creator from Atlanta who uses his platform to teach people about Deaf culture and to share helpful American Sign Language tips.


Emily Mariko — @emilymariko

After going viral for her salmon rice bowl recipe, we are definitely following Emily Mariko for the rest of her aesthetically pleasing cooking ASMR videos.


Kara Smith — @kararoselles

Kara Smith is an Afro-Indigenous creator who's a member of the Chappaquiddick Wampanoag tribe. Her videos range from OOTD checks and beauty tips to in-depth discussions about her culture and experiences as a Black and Indigenous person.


Milan Mathew — @milan.mathew

Milan Mathew is a creator who uses fashion to show her pride for her Desi heritage and show followers that there's a difference between appreciation and appropriation.


Kimberly Pizzo — @kimberlypizzo

If you need a laugh, allow comedian Kimberly Pizzo to take over your entire afternoon. Her hilarious Harry Potter impressions — and equally faithful costume changes — qualify her as a one-woman Broadway show in our hearts.


Lonnie Marts — @lonnieiiv

Lonnie Marts's everyday skits are basically the reason TikTok's share feature exists. Witty and relatable, his videos put a comedic spin on even life's smallest moments.


Elena Shinohara — @elenashinohara

Elena Shinohara is a rhythmic gymnast known for showcasing her impressive flexibility, cartwheels, handstands, backbends, and skills balancing a ball in the air with her legs.


Scarlet May — @scarlet_may.1

Scarlet May, best known for her "Deaf Kardashians" series, is a Deaf creator best known for her song lyric videos — performed in American Sign Language — and her chic sense of style.


Kristina Collins — @kallmekris

Comedian Kristina Collins is known far and wide across TikTok for her hilarious skits, expressive faces, and commitment to turning real-life moments into relatable sketches that leave us cracking up.


Jesse Sullivan — @jessesulli

Jesse Sullivan is a trans man who uses TikTok to educate people about his experiences as a "teen mom" and how he's created a healthy parent-child relationship with his daughter, Arlo.


Tiffany Yu — @imtiffanyyu

Tiffany Yu is a disability advocate and TikTok creator who openly addresses her experiences with discrimination and internalized ableism to educate her audience and embolden members of the disabled community to be vocal about their needs.


Sterlingsilver Tabasa — @nightelf44

Sterlingsilver Tabasa is a Black, Native, Filipina creator whose educational and sometimes comedic videos shine a new light on Native American history.


Jayde Mcfarlane — @jaydemcfarlane

Jayde Mcfarlane is a content creator best known for her comedy, beauty tips, and relationship commentary. As a trans woman of color, Jayde also uses her platform to celebrate the diversity and strength of the LGBTQ+ community.


Carlynn Greene — @espdaniella

Known by her followers as the Scholarship Guru, Carlynn Greene uses her TikTok account to spread the word about how to earn scholarships regardless of your major, age, or other factors that typically limit applicants. Plus, she shares essay hacks, study tips, and even interview pointers.


Asheisgod — @asheisgod

Asheisgod is an Iñupiaq and white creator who creates informative videos about hair braiding and challenges stereotypes about Native Americans by responding to questions and comments sent in by her viewers.


John Barbachano — @johnbarbachano

John Barbachano is a TikTok comedian whose slice-of-life videos show him reflecting on love, dating, and his Native American culture.


Chad Lorenzo — @ashkiijosh

Chad Lorenzo is a Navajo creator known for making beautiful, elaborate jewelry using traditional Navajo bead work and silver work techniques.


Denise Francis — @livenaturallylove

Denise Francis is like the little voice in your head cheering you on no matter what. Her videos range from self-care tips and daily affirmations to breathing exercises and reminders to put your mental health first.


Alexis Nikole — @alexisnikole

Alexis Nikole is a forager who provides helpful tips on how to safely gather mushrooms and plants and turn them into something delicious.


Recokh — @recokh

Recokh is a 2-D artist who takes relatable moments and pop culture references and turns them into art by adding his own unique comedic flare.


Keyon Elkins  — @itskeyonn

Keyon Elkins is a content creator who posts hot takes on TV shows, rants about everyday life, and skits so funny, they give us déjà vu.


Nikki Apostolou — @recycldstardust

Nikki Apostolou is a NYC-based member of the Mohawk tribe who helps followers be better allies to the Native American community by pointing out ways to avoid appropriation and sharing facts about Native American history.


Nayha Mills — @nayhamills2

Nayha Mills is a beauty content creator whose stunning makeup looks reflect her Native American culture.


Abby Roberts — @abbyroberts

Abby Roberts is a TikTok star known for creating unexpected but impressive makeup transformations in front of the camera (think: Harry Styles and Miss Spider from James and the Giant Peach).


Vegalia — @byvegalia

Vegalia is a digital artist known for her gorgeous, detailed drawings of Black women wearing beautiful, textured hairstyles.


Reyna Chabeli — @reynachabeli

Reyna Chabeli is an Indigenous Mexican content creator who posts about her band (she plays the drums), her cultural traditions, and navigating racism as a Oaxaqueña and Zapoteca woman.


Taylor Cassidy — @taylorcassidyj

Taylor Cassidy's claim to fame is her "Fast Black History" series, where she educates casual TikTok scrollers about the importance of overlooked Black icons. Taylor also hosts a "Black Girl Magic" series on her page that serves as a break in the FYP to empower Black women to celebrate who they are.


Stepan the Cat — @annaolala

Stepan is a Russian cat whose moody yet thoughtful videos remind us that, whether you're drinking wine or 2 percent milk, it's always (unhappy) happy hour somewhere.


Lisette Eduardo — @chikybombomreal

Comedy, style, and beauty collide on Lisette Eduardo's TikTok account. Known for her "it's time to party" energy and enthusiastic dance moves, Lisette knows how to make her followers smile.


Mikayla Nogueira — @mikaylanogueira

Mikayla Nogueira is a makeup artist and beauty influencer who delivers candid, swear-filled reviews of different makeup products. We come for her flawless makeup looks and stay for her awesome sense of humor.


August DeWindt —

Meals like tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons and Nashville hot chicken tenders are just the start of what August DeWindt has to offer on her TikTok account. Check out her videos for recipes that will have you throwing everything in your cart next time you head to the grocery store.


Kennedy Murray — @whokae

From Catwoman to the Grinch, Kennedy Murray's movie-quality makeup looks are badass from every angle. With the help of a little lip gloss and a collection of makeup brushes, she uses makeup to send powerful messages about race, culture, and being your best self.


Bree K. Jones — @bree.k.jones

Bree K. Jones is an ASL interpreter who educates her followers about Deaf culture, including the discrimination the Deaf community faces regularly and the vital differences between American Sign Language and Black American Sign Language.


Luca Coyle and Cooper Coyle — @coyletwins

Luca and Cooper Coyle are twins best known for their drag personalities, Sugar and Spice. The siblings, based in Long Island, NY, have gained over 7 million followers thanks to their witty sketches, cheeky sense of humor, and badass style transformations.


Kristine Thompson — @trendycurvy

Kristine Thompson is a curvy style influencer who provides thoughtful and chic style inspiration for women of all sizes, putting a body-positive spin on each of her videos.


Coyotl (Haatepah Clearbear) — @desertndn

Haatepah Clearbear, aka Coyotl, is an Indigenous model who uses his platform on TikTok to raise awareness of vital climate change issues.


Audrey Hopkins — @auditydraws

Audrey Hopkins is a digital artist who took TikTok by storm when she created her character mashup art series, where she combines villains like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast with wildly different characters like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch or Helen Parr from The Incredibles.


Lynnell Jones Jr. — @felleanimated

Lynnell Jones Jr. is a 2-D artist whose cartoon-style designs take on a hilarious and sometimes spooky life of their own as he animates everything from his sleep paralysis nightmares to what it would be like if the giant doll from Squid Game could dance.


Kissy Duerré — @kissyduerre

Kissy Duerré is a trans influencer who radiates positive energy and self-confidence. Her videos range from inspirational reminders to quips about her experiences as a trans woman and comedic skits about her everyday life.


Jay — @flossybaby

Jay, better known as @flossybaby, is a TikTok comedian known for her cheeky monologues, hot takes on everyday life, and versatile skits that rival almost any Saturday Night Live skit.


Bryan Hernandez —

Bryan Hernandez is a NYC-based comedian who made his mark on TikTok with his love for wigs, spandex, and sharing spot-on impressions of his Dominican-American family members.


My Nguyen — @myhealthydish

My Nguyen can turn pretty much any ingredient into something delicious. A chef, actor, and author, My knows how to put together dishes from all over the world, including baked brie wrapped in puff pastry and fire cracker salmon, that look commercial-ready and taste like they're straight from a five-star restaurant.


Bryce Xavier — @brycexavier

Bryce Xavier is a musician and influencer who shares outtakes from his everyday life and posts hilarious dance videos with his friends and partner.


Darlene Octavia — @darlene_octavia

Darlene Octavia's motto is, "We do not do bland," and we're here for it. The vegan cook shares helpful tips for starting the vegan lifestyle and posts countless recipe videos for dishes like crispy potatoes and mac 'n' cheese that leaves vegan and non-vegans hungry for more.


Joel Bervell — @joelbervell

Joel Bervell is a myth-busting medical student who helps unpack racial biases in medicine. He is also the co-founder of Hugs, a non-profit organization dedicated to "empowering the next generation of high school global leaders."


Elyse Myers — @elysemyers

Elyse Myers is a mom and storyteller who transforms any two-minute adventure into a story worth talking about the rest of the day.


Chante' Reddest — @nativephotography

Chante' Reddest is a Lakota storyteller who shares the history of his culture alongside videos that detail his experiences as a young Native American man.


Alex Renee — @stapleyourmouthshut

Alex Renee is a gender-fluid beauty influencer who posts videos that showcase their passion for fashion and beauty.


Kentai Haven — @kentai.haven

Kentai Haven has made a name for himself on TikTok thanks to his unique talent that allows him to accurately guess people's heights based on the proximity of different objects beside them in photographs.


Antoni Bumba — @antonibumba

Antoni Bumba is known for their rants, storytelling, and take-no-sh*t-attitude that comes through in their videos about life in NYC.


Sofia Bella — @iamsofiabella

Sofia Bella is a third-grade teacher who shares funny and heartwarming snippets of her workday and the creative group activities she organizes for her class.


Tyler Gaca — @ghosthoney

Tyler Gaca is a content creator known for the atmosphere of "gentle chaos" radiating from his account. Phantoms, vampires, mermaids, and his abundant plant collection make frequent appearances in his videos alongside his husband, JiaHao.


Billy — @8illy

Billy, who hasn't shared his last name online, is one of TikTok's most well-known content creators. When he's not commenting on major pop culture moments like the Squid Game release, he often collaborates with fellow influencers to create surreal comedic sketches. (He also knows how to make badass playlists for any mood.)


Alexia Del Valle — @lexdelvalle

Alexia Del Valle is a talented comedian who posts funny conversations with her family, rocks some gorgeous style moments, and regularly shares her Puerto Rican culture with her followers.