The Best Places to Travel in August, According to Experts

According to travel experts, August could very well be one of the best months of the year to travel. Not only is it on the cusp of summer and fall, so the temperatures tend to be more mild, but it's also when many cities around the world reach their peak beauty. Plus, it's a great month to book a vacation if you're traveling on a budget; students tend to go back to school in August, and since it's during some "shoulder seasons" (that in-between time of peak and low seasons), you'll likely see less crowds, too. The key, however, is knowing where to go.

For those looking for recommendations on the best places to travel in August, travel experts Katy Nastro and Erina Pindar are sharing their tips. Whether you want to go abroad or stay in the United States, keep reading for some of the best and cheapest places to travel in August. When it's time to start packing, don't forget this spreadsheet packing hack, too.

Experts Featured in This Article

Katy Nastro is a travel expert for Going, a service that finds cheap-flight deals.

Erina Pindar is the managing partner and chief operating officer at SmartFlyer, a luxury travel agency.

The Best Places to Travel in the US in August

  1. Seattle. Nastro says some of the best places to travel in August are on the West Coast, including Portland, Oregon and Seattle. "This area of the country really comes alive in the month of August with less rain than other times of the year, but all that rain means vibrant green forests and stunning mountains to explore with a variety of hikes and outdoor activities," she says.
  2. Chicago. Never be bored on vacation again: In August, Chicago is flooded with fun events to fill your calendar. You can vibe out at Lollapalooza, watch the Chicago Air and Water Show, and attend a baseball game at Wrigley Field — all in the same weekend, says Pindar.
  3. Portland, ME. Not only will you enjoy the weather in Maine during this time, but Pindar loves the food and vibes there. She recommends trying the "bold Vietnamese flavors" at Công Tử Bột and chartering a sail for a cruise on the water.

The Best Places to Travel in Europe in August

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland. In August, Edinburgh hosts the Festival Fringe, the world's largest performance art festival in the world, Pindar says. Of course, this means you can see a vibrant mix of performances, but you can also explore Scotland's historical sights in its capital city.
  2. The Albanian Riviera. This is the spot for beach lovers, Nastro says. Here, you can "get a taste of glittering coastal beaches without the sticker shock prices of the nearby Greek islands." Nastro recommends checking out this location before it becomes too popular, as it's still a cheap alternative to other beach locations in Europe.
  3. Stockholm. If you're traveling in August, you don't want to miss a Swedish summer tradition: kräftskivor. Also known as a Swedish crayfish party, kräftskivor is an annual seafood fest that happens every August. "The month consists of parties to dine on crayfish — the real Swedish fish and a delicacy — and mourn the end of summer with plenty of nubbe," Pindar says.

The Cheapest Places to Travel in August

If you're looking for a cheap vacation during any time of the year, always book during your destination's shoulder season and check out PS's guide on the best day to book an airline ticket.

In August specifically, though, Nastro recommends looking at places like Mexico or the Caribbean. "They may be extremely warm and have threats of hurricanes, but they may provide the best value because fewer people are looking to brave the heat," Nastro says.

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