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Find The Best Michigan Getaway For You

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Sources: Pure Michigan and Shutterstock
We partnered with Pure Michigan to help you catch up on all the moments you've been missing.

While planning a getaway in 2020 wasn't exactly feasible, we're prepared to get out there this year and head out on some of our best vacations yet. The biggest hurdle? Narrowing down where to go! That's where this handy quiz comes in. From the family seeking out a lakeside getaway to those looking to hike to new heights, Michigan has it all — and this quiz will help you find the best spot to explore.

Image Sources: Pure Michigan and Shutterstock

Who are you traveling with?

My family
I’m heading out solo!
A group of friends

Where would you rather stay?

A laid-back short-term rental
A chic hotel in the middle of all the action
A tent, as close to nature as possible
A hotel with lots of amenities

Choose an activity:

How much planning do you do before you leave?

I make a few dinner reservations
I go with the flow; we’re on vacation!
I nail down an hour-by-hour itinerary
I research outdoor conditions in advance

What's one item you won't go on vacation without?