Cameron Diaz Interview For Esquire | August 2014

Cameron Diaz Reveals Why She Never Had Kids

On going nude in Sex Tape: "It's a first for me. But Jason [Segel] gets naked, too. It's just a part of the role. So I did it. I mean you see everything."

On acting: "It's a weird job, right? [For Sex Tape] I found myself in a room in the middle of nowhere Massachusetts at 11:00 at night doing a childbirth scene, and everybody's screaming at one another — Jason, the cameramen, the director. And me acting like I'm trying to push a basketball out of my vajoon. Crazy sh*t, right? And the thing is, I always take a moment to say, 'We're lucky. This is a great job. A fun job.'"

Source: Vincent Peters / Esquire

Unlike many of her Hollywood friends, Cameron Diaz never got married and had kids, but don't expect her to be longing for a family now. The actress opened up about her decision to not have a baby during her younger years in a new interview for the August issue of Esquire, which hits newsstands on July 8. Keep reading to hear Cameron's thoughts on motherhood, as well as how she feels about being in her 40s and what it was like for her to go naked for the first time on camera in her upcoming film, Sex Tape.

Source: Vincent Peters / Esquire; Front Page Image Source: Getty / Jason Kempin