Daft Punk Without Helmets

Curious What's Underneath Daft Punk's Robot Helmets?

The duo was captured by Liverpool-based photographer Mark McNulty in 1996 in Nottingham, UK.

Source: Mark McNulty : www.rivercool.co.uk

We've already gone over everything about the Grammys there is to know, but at the end of the night, one question still hung in our minds. They graced the winners list three times and got everyone on their feet with an epic performance of "Get Lucky," but we couldn't help but wonder: why is Daft Punk determined to keep those helmets on? And furthermore, what's underneath?

As luck would have it, we've got an answer. Last year, during an interview with GQ Magazine, the duo stated that their helmets were part of the fantasy and totally intertwined with their musical persona. But that doesn't quite quench our curiosity, does it? We did a little digging to give you a glimpse at the faces underneath the helmets, and, well, the results are remarkably limited. Nevertheless, between a Facebook slip-up, an awesome photography blog, a trip to a Miami beach, and a gas station outing, the mystery has been solved. Check out our findings below.


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