Are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Still Together?

Ryan Gosling Is Back — and Bringing You His Sexy Smile!

Ryan Gosling Is Back — and Bringing You His Sexy Smile!

It's been months since Ryan Gosling made a public appearance, and just when we thought we couldn't handle the drought any longer, he popped up in LA! Ryan peered over a gate at Eva Mendes's house on Wednesday, cracking that smile we've been waiting for. We did get a dose of his infectious smirk in a clip from a new project earlier this month, though we have to say the real thing is even better.

After Ryan and Eva hadn't been seen together for several months, the rumor mill started churning out stories about a breakup. Then, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in mid-February, Eva made an eyebrow-raising Ryan reference; when Ellen asked Eva about her Valentine's Day plans, the actress replied, "I'll probably just order a deep-dish and watch The Notebook or something and just cry, weep." Seeing as how a guy doesn't usually hang out at his ex-girlfriend's house, it's safe to say things for Ryan and Eva are probably looking up.

Source: Coleman-Rayner